Much love to the folks that ventured out to the first Wine & Bowties of the Spring. To Tap 10, Starter Kit, Jay Casio and Yung_smh thank you for blessing us with your tunes. Consider it the first HNRL + TT6 + DRGN + W&B collab. Friday got weird but we live to tell to about it through pictures and words.

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I don’t know how to do this. You don’t know how to do this. So let’s just marvel at some shit we both can’t do. Synchronizing the camera, with an object, to capture the instant of penetration, while keeping it in focus? A herculean task I’d say. But some cats still do it! Impressive to […]


Photos by Boogie This is one of the most insightful interviews I’ve read in a while. Boogie’s work continues to astonish me. Not only for the beauty of his images, but also for their honesty. We’ve featured some of Boogie’s work before. Here and here, but I recommend you checking out some of his photo […]


Photos By Tiago Sperotto for Wine & Bowties Escaping the chaos that is Los Angeles is an arduous task. The constant hustle often times forces one to anticipate what’s coming next instead of cherishing the moment. In such an atmosphere it’s important to find time to relax, enjoy yourself and surround yourself with good company. […]


Photos By Tiago Sperotto By now, I hope at least a few of you have become familiar with the work of Tiago Sperotto. Born in Porto Allegre, Brazil in 1981, Tiago ventured to the U.S in 2003, looking for a change of scenery and a new path in life. Through a random but beautiful series […]


“Canadian artist Gordon Ball was born in Montreal, Quebec. He began taking photos of his friends skateboarding, doing drugs, playing in hardcore bands, making out, and skinny dipping in 1994. Today, nothing much has changed”. So reads the artist statement on Ball’s website. While that definitely seems to be the case, it should be noted […]

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Photos By Miroslaw Swietek Using a torch and a camera, amateur photographer Miroslaw Swietek has captured these photographs of docile insects in the early morning. Taken around 3am, Swietek ventured into the forest behind his house to find these resting insects in their natural habitat. Stationary and silent, dew collects on the insects bodies as […]


Once again, Mr. West has put me up on some shit I needed to know about. To be real, Ye’s new blog is amazing, and it’s a cool reimagination of what a blog can really be. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a moment to consider the work of French […]


To put it simply, there’s no place in world quite like the Bay. The energy, the communities and the ways in which people see the world are all unique to the strange and beautiful place I call home. At the same time, you would think that in a place where folks pride themselves on liberal […]


Photos By Sydni Michael for Wine & Bowties The first time I stepped inside Reserve I wasn’t sure what to do. With two lounge seats positioned in the middle of the room, it’s hard to tell whether Reserve is a space for shopping, or merely a place to congregate. In actuality, it’s both. Inhabited by […]


Some artists show you beautiful things, and others show you things that are truly ugly. Some take you places you never want to leave, and others show you places you wish you never saw. Before his tragic and untimely passing via heroin overdose last year, Dash Snow could do all of the above, sometimes all […]



Photos By Andre Shpatak Every time I’m at the beach I marvel at how little we know about the ocean. Just trying to post up in the ocean is an enjoyable ordeal. Scientists say that there may be up to 9 million undiscovered species in the ocean. And even if they were half right, that’s […]

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