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Ryan Rocha is a thinker, which you can probably tell by the detail in his paintings. In our interview, the Sactown-bred painter and illustrator breaks down his journey, from skating and making flyers for punk shows, to hanging with Grandma, to setting up shop in Oakland.

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I think nature is perfection. Untouched by the hands of humans the colors, shapes and sounds that nature creates are nothing short of magical. Thank you April for the wonderful pics.


It’s hard to collapse a city like Tokyo into a series of 50 photos. Nonetheless, James Ryang‘s collection gives us a snapshot of one of the world’s most interesting cities. These kind of projects are cool in that they capture how sprawling urban centers can be both impersonal and deeply personal, depending on the angle […]

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After making noise in the world of photography with 2007’s Polyester and 2008’s The Big Valley, Los Angeles-based photographer Alex Prager recently dropped her third collection, with Week-End. As with the first two collections, Week-End is a visually stunning set of saturated portraits, featuring women decked out in vintage fashion. The images are almost surreal, […]

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Max- I’m attaching a zipped folder of some of the work I’ve done in bathrooms. A friend of mine got a hold of a business card for your blog (with some green attached) and I noticed the quote “Imagination is more important than knowledge” on the back and though you might like some of these […]


Boogie is quickly emerging as one of the most important figures in photography right now. Fresh off the release of last year’s graphic and powerful Belgrade Belongs to Me, the Serbian-born artist has been back at work, documenting the strange and beautiful realities of urban life in New York. This collection of shots is one […]


The best photography can be almost like painting. The subjects, the setting, the lighting and the color can be chosen carefully by the artist to create a beautiful image. New York photographer Ryan McGinley could accurately be called a master in that capacity. Moonmilk is a collection of nudes, taken in caves across the country. […]

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No publication holds the global photography game down like National Geographic. For decades, the magazine has been responsible for literally millions of stunning photos, documenting the planet’s most captivating scenes. Every year, Nat Geo holds an international photo competition, allowing photographers around the world to submit their best work. Here are some of the winners […]


Currently showing at the Arario Gallery in New York is the work of Chinese contemporary artist Yue Minjun. Titled, ‘Smile-isms’ the collection of sculptures and paintings depict Minjun’s signature portraiture. Using muted colors to depict the emotions of his faces, Minjun manages to create compelling work that is deliberate in nature, but made with a […]

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Born and raised in Serbia, but currently residing in New York, the famed street photographer known as Boogie has risen to prominence through his ability to capture images of realities that are rarely presented in mainstream media. For his first book released in 2006, entitled, “It’s All Good.” Boogie spent a total of three years […]

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Many of us are just beginning to get situated in our own spots. Just beginning to really settle in, and make a spot of our own. Danny and I got a trap spot in Culver. Matt’s out in the Walnut trappin. Ben & Scott are in SF trappin. It’s good. However, with our new found […]


A few months back we featured the work of famed French artist JR. Detailing his most recent work entitled, “Women Are Heroes,” JR set out to raise awareness about the struggles and triumphs of women from remote areas around the world by depicting their faces on a grandiose scale. With penetrating eyes, the images sprawled […]

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