Some vibrant nostalgia from the mind of Michelle Guintu. East Bay raised but SF residing, Michelle has developed her aesthetic simply by painting the things she likes. From 90′s R&B superstars, like Missy and Aaliyah, to Joe Montana paintings and McDonald’s installations.

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Photos By Tiago Sperotto It seems like the environment that you take your pictures in is a key element to one’s creativity. I feel like environments have to inspire you to take pictures. As if the sight before your eyes magically compels your hands to grab your camera, lift it to your eye, squint, focus […]


Cuba is a place that’s always intrigued me. Here’s a country had the potential to turn into a just, economically stable society, geared toward making the lives of its everyday citizens livable, emerging from fascism to socialist revolution. And yet, it failed so dismally in that goal, due in large part to the poor leadership […]


The more time goes by the more I begin to appreciate the work of Michael Jackson. Not that I didn’t before, but now that he’s gone it’s just kind of like damn, Usher and JT aren’t sniffin this cat. Recently photographing Michael Jackson, and many of his possessions, international photographer Henry Leutwyler has recently completed […]


I’ve only been to New York a few times, but I know enough to say it has to be one of the best places to people-watch. From 5th Ave to Harlem, the city is full of characters of all shapes and sizes. I suppose it’s the same in any huge metropolitan area. Looking around at […]


There are nights when the sky in L.A. has this weird orange glow, even at midnight. The other day, I sat in bumper to bumper traffic for more than an hour trying to get from Westwood to LAX, and earlier tonight I drove less than half a mile away to pick up trees. Ladies and […]


Things are getting pretty crazy in the world right now. While many of us continue to live positive lives, many are still suffering. I know that may be a grandiose conclusion to draw from a post about bikes but let me tie it in. For our generation to change the world for the better we […]


It’s about time I got some travel in. Leaving home, and putting everything else aside for a while just gives you a certain kind of perspective you can’t get otherwise. Will‘s been making me way too jealous, and now photographer Galen Brown just has me inspired. With North to South, Brown captures a set of […]

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One talent that’s important for a photographer to have is the ability to make everyday life beautiful. By traditional standards, Stefan Simikich‘s subjects aren’t necessarily the most beautiful ones in the world. But what’s impressive about his work is the poignancy of the images, and the way they convey a reality far beyond their immediate […]


Why ask somebody else, if you can do it yourself? I’m all for teamwork, but in Yulia’s case, it looks like going solo is the right move. Gorodinski is an Israeli photographer, whose portfolio is made up almost exclusively by self-portraits, setting herself against a canvas of natural scenery. How she sets these up, I […]


Culture’s a trip. We’re all humans out here, but we all get down so differently. It’s amazing. Featured here are an assortment of breakfasts from various cultures around the world. Shot by Oliver Schwarzwald, the arrangement of the foods provide an appealing aesthetic, while the items presented give insight into the way people start their […]

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