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Ryan Rocha is a thinker, which you can probably tell by the detail in his paintings. In our interview, the Sactown-bred painter and illustrator breaks down his journey, from skating and making flyers for punk shows, to hanging with Grandma, to setting up shop in Oakland.

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A look inside Aris Jerome's growing collection of gorgeous portraits


header1For the last half decade, Aris Jerome has been directing videos for Bay artists from Kreayshawn to Starting Six to Iamsu. More recently though, he’s made the transition to stunning portrait photography, capturing bad ones and superstars in their element. We talked to Aris about his successful transition, and where he’ll go next.



IAMSU! has emerged as the leader of a new Bay movement, and this time, he's making sure things are different


top3A few weeks back, we got the chance to sit down with Richmond’s own Iamsu, to talk about his role in the recent resurgence of Bay rap. In our conversation, Su talked humble beginnings, the resurgence of hyphy, and meeting Hov and Tom Hanks. Plus, our good friend Daghe snapped some icy portraits.

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The Fairoaks Project paints an unforgettable portrait of San Francisco's storied gay bath house scene


treeposeIn 1978, Frank Melleno spent a summer with a Polaroid camera in hand, at the storied Fairoaks bath house in San Francisco. Today, The Fairoaks Project compiles his most colorful shots, painting a rare and unforgettable portrait of a scene on the fringes.

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Photographer Alexis Vasilikos invites us to escape the ego


a1Athens-based photographer Alexis Vasilikos offers up collection after collection of subtly captivating shots, with an eye for deliberate, simple presentation. In our interview, he lends some insight on time spent in India, escaping the ego, and the philosophical questions that inform his work.

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Rio-based photographer Tiago Sperotto on his photographic journey back home to Porto Alegre

Gaucho (that's how we call who is my state) riding a horse by Guaiba's lake

Gaucho (that's how we call who is my state) riding a horse by Guaiba's lakePhotography by Tiago Sperotto It was 2010 when I first connected with Tiago Sperotto. On the verge of being fired from my first post-college job as a barista, on my last day, Tiago approached me with a simple question. “Dude, do you know anyone that needs some photography work done?” It was a serendipitous question, […]

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INDIA, 1969

Photography by Roloff Beny


benyGorgeous shots from legendary, jetsetting photographer Roloff Beny, from his 1969 book, India. Through his own distinctive lens, Beny captures the spirit and culture of a land far from his own.


animalsRyan McGinley’s latest collection pairs nude models with wild animals. Graphic nudity and wild, untamed beauty at Manhattan’s Team Gallery.

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y1You have to love a photographer that manages to capture all the beautiful depravity that goes down in the underbelly of a big city. Pretty much regardless of the era or the location, it’s out there, as long you’re looking hard enough. Granted, my knowledge of Tokyo in the ’70s is limited, but from what […]

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j9Photography By Jeff Divine Amassing one of the largest collections of surf photography in the world is no easy feat. But give a passionate photographer 45 years and endless beach terrain and you might do some damage. Such is the life of photographer Jeff Divine whose four and a half decades of photographing the culture […]


Yesterday, my homie told me he fucked a pornstar for the first time the night before. He told me she hollered at him at the bar, left him a sexy note; he hollered, she slid through and the rest is history. It was a pretty cool story, and a series of events that I wouldn’t […]

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It’s a fascination with nature and its processes, and with those vast pockets of the planet virtually untouched by humans that seems to inform Bernhard Edmaier‘s stunning aerial photography. Most centrally, Edmaier describes his work as “abstraction” from nature, and the description only seems accurate, with Edmaier’s lens capturing textures and patterns in nature that […]


Photography by Rebekkah Castellanos The vibe, the music, the atmosphere- it’s all important. But at the end of the day, a great party begins and ends with great people. Friday night marked our eleventh celebration, and in our mind, provided us with an opportunity to break from the norm. This one was a little different, […]


To call Annie Leibovitz‘s portrait work iconic is almost redundant. Aside from the stature of her subjects– they tend to be among the most famous and celebrated icons on the planet– her best work is effecting and poignant to the point that it’s become inescapable. So when Annie announced last year that her next book […]

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