I've been trying to put into words this experience for a while. We threw up a few posts about it a while back, but it was kinda hard to do it justice. Luckily Nike's done the hard work for us.…

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Golden State Cafe Image 9
Photos By Rich Kim

Every so often a moment comes along that makes it all worth it. Often times it’s a comment, or a verbal pat on the back, but other times it’s an entire experience. Fresh off our Montalban excursion, I was surprised to come across a rather mysterious email last week, sent from Nike. Upon opening it, I was pleasantly surprised by an invitation to a “Special Nike Event.” Opening up the attachment I read the short directions:

Travel East on Sunset. left on Elysian Park Avenue. Pull up to the security gate, and your name will be on the list. (Gate will close at 7:15PM)

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Golden State Cafe Image 9
Photos By Tiago Sperotto

Somehow Nike always manages to outdo themselves. At the end of the day I think it comes down to execution, but let’s save that for another conversation. Yesterday, we were invited to attend the opening weekend celebrations for the World Cup at the Nike Montalban Facility in Los Angeles. A unique venue, the Montalban has played host to a variety of lively events involving everyone from the likes of ?uestlove to Kobe Bryant. The day’s events related the excitement of World Cup soccer, and fans’ appreciation for a well played match. Projecting the U.S. vs. England game in the movie theater style auditorium of the facility, the venue provided a settled environment to watch the game, while the open bar ensured a festive atmosphere.

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These dunks are really on some other shit. Made entirely out of paper, visual artist David Brownings has created these colorful paper pieces. The U.K. artist, who also specializes in paper-mache, has made a series of these shoes in various colors and is also taking personal orders for your own paper kicks. Just email bruh, and you’ve got some custom paper kicks.

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Nike Af1 Chocolate

Chocolate Air Force 1’s. Designed by +41, these edible kicks were created to celebrate Nike’s 25th Anniversary for the Air Force 1’s. On some real shit though. White on white Air Forces were the go tos for like 4 years straight. Had to walk around hella carefully to make sure they didn’t get scuffed. Cats would flop themselves too. Their jeans would leak onto their kicks turning them light blue. You go to the bathroom at lunch and see cats standing in their socks with paper towels and soap. Damn I’m laughing. Props to Snick though, he started that shit. But back to the creation at hand. The miniature milk and white chocolate pack includes 3 boxes. 1 pair per box. Another testament to the creative prowess of Nike. I wonder if Reebok will ever catch up.

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Nike Pigalle Court 1

When we have real bread in our pocket, shit will be bad. Right now the most doing cats I know have pieced together some crumbs, and they’re doing it. But I’m talking bout loaves. Some fuckin loaves. I’m talking loaves cut up horizontally with some olive oil and vinegar with a splash of sauvignon. Alas, I’ve digressed a bit. All I’m saying is that when we’re on we’re gonna have fly ass hoop courts with fly decor, and pretty colors. Featured here is a court created from the mind of Stephane “The Mayor” Ashpool, artistic director of Pigalle. Enlisting the assistance of Yué “Nyo” Wu, the duo created this hoop court laced with the faces of iconic personalities from today, yesterday and tomorrow. The unveiling hosted by Lebron is the icing on the cake. Truly a spectacle. Nike’s done it again, building community through the promotion of art and sports.

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History of Flight 1

At first I was hesitant. Jordan Brand’s been floppin since ’03. But I decided to check Nike out and see what was really good. To my surprise, the site was dope. Featured at the History of Flight, is well, just that. A brief but entertaining time line of the career highlights of MJ. Reading through it you get lightweight nostalgic, but it’s actually a very well executed presentation. Nike’s just wet all around. This is just another example. Is Adidas trying to creep up though?
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Varsity jackets might be the fall/winter move. I can see folks coppin a blank one and buying patches to put on. Not surprisingly, Nike Sportswear comes with their initial fall offering of their NSW varsity jackets. As with most, the NSW jackets feature a melton wool body with leather sleeves. But the varsity jacket raises one peculiar question. The var jacket is cool for Seniors Juniors and outstanding Sophomores but on the real? What are the JV cats supposed to rock?

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