Much love to the folks that ventured out to the first Wine & Bowties of the Spring. To Tap 10, Starter Kit, Jay Casio and Yung_smh thank you for blessing us with your tunes. Consider it the first HNRL + TT6 + DRGN + W&B collab. Friday got weird but we live to tell to about it through pictures and words.

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Cliche though it may be, I think it’s worth restating every once in a while. The destination is cool, but the journey is really what it’s about. Everybody wants to blow up, particularly if they’re doing their thing exceptionally well. But once you’re there, you’re there, and there’s no turning back. As far as Mike […]

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I’m always curious to know what NBA players say to each other during a game. Like during a free throw, when they zoom in and Kobe and Chris Paul are leaning over talking to each other. Are they talking shit? Are they making plans to grub after the game? So it’s always tight when you […]


It’s funny. It’s hard to talk about other things when all I can think about is tomorrow. Nonetheless, I thought this video was pretty special. MJ and Letterman in the 80′s. At the age of 23, MJ was already a force in the league, having dropped 63 on the Celtics earlier in the year, Jordan […]


“To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. And once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish.

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You know what? I’m not even surprised. It’s supposed to be like this. We told you it was a Renaissance. But really, who would’ve thought? The first female to ever design a pair of Jordans? None other than the formidable Va$htie Kola. Remember this is the first woman to design a pair of J’s, not […]


Being born in Jordan’s prime could be considered a gift and a curse. Although we can attach our childhood to the career of the greatest hooper ever, how many of us can really recall moments from MJ’s career before he went to baseball? That’s why youtube’s so wonderful. The clip above is from a ’92 […]

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