Michael Jordan

Cliche though it may be, I think it’s worth restating every once in a while. The destination is cool, but the journey is really what it’s about. Everybody wants to blow up, particularly if they’re doing their thing exceptionally well. But once you’re there, you’re there, and there’s no turning back. As far as Mike goes, I think a lot of us are pretty well acquainted with his journey.

I remember sitting in Ms. Kennedy’s classroom, rifling through sports biographies as fast as I could, absorbing any and all information that might help me become a little more, well, like Mike. Stories about Michael — how baseball was his first love, or how he rocked the number 23 because he just wanted to be half as good as his brother, who rocked 45 — I learned the mythology like Bible-belt kids learn the gospels. Like any good story though, Michael’s is as inspiring today as it is was when I was ten. Just another reminder that sometimes, where you come from is just as important as where you take it to.

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Ukrainian Graphic designer Mykola Dosenko on NES graphics, vintage hoops and dinner with Bill Murray

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Mykola Dosenko, also known as Myk Dawg. Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, Mykola’s inspirations paint an interesting portrait of popular culture in the late 80’s and early 90’s. A self proclaimed graphic designer, celebrity chef, comedian and stunt driver, it was not difficult to strike up a conversation about Myk’s interests and inspirations. With his graphic design work popping up on popular websites across the net, Mykola’s aesthetic is becoming recognized for it’s vibrant colors and retro influences. Touching on everything from Lebron James to zombie snails, our conversation was peculiar to say the very least.

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Back in the day errybody had some J’s. Let’s take a moment to recap some of the more memorable footwear choices. Brody had the snakeskins. Krisauce had the low VIII’s. Ocean had the XIV’s. Snick still has his XI’s in the drawer. Among other kicks, Case had the Oly VI’s, Kof’s got the DMP’s, Dom’s got the Laney’s, Triz & Twill got the I’s. Jarron had the mustard XIV’s (cult classics). TCASE & Bob got the VIII’s, Lan had the playoffs, Abigail had the XII’s. Damn. I love this shit. So fast forward to ’09, Jordan Brand has severely flopped themselves, oversaturating the market with below average footwear. Yet, every once in a while we get a glimpse of what JB used to be. In my humble, these I’s are the best effort from JB in a minute. Coming in Dark Obsidian and Metallic Zinc pictured above, these kicks will be available for all feet during the Holiday season from your local JB retailer.

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Sports Illustrated Vintage Michael Jordan 1 A little gold for the weekend. In 1983 Michael Jordan was a 20-year old college student. Like many of us, his understanding of the world was being shaped and reshaped during college. This is before Air Jordan. This is before it was cool to have his shoes. Before baggy shorts and gold chains. When these pictures were taken, his legacy had yet to be created. The Shot had yet to happen. The MVP’s, the rings, the moments, all had yet to be. They did not exist yet! But now, in retrospect these images hold so much more meaning. We still haven’t even really gotten started with Mike. I mean we got this and this, but there’s so much more. So let’s thank Jesse for these, and enjoy our Saturday.

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History of Flight 1

At first I was hesitant. Jordan Brand’s been floppin since ’03. But I decided to check Nike out and see what was really good. To my surprise, the site was dope. Featured at the History of Flight, is well, just that. A brief but entertaining time line of the career highlights of MJ. Reading through it you get lightweight nostalgic, but it’s actually a very well executed presentation. Nike’s just wet all around. This is just another example. Is Adidas trying to creep up though?
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