Some vibrant nostalgia from the mind of Michelle Guintu. East Bay raised but SF residing, Michelle has developed her aesthetic simply by painting the things she likes. From 90′s R&B superstars, like Missy and Aaliyah, to Joe Montana paintings and McDonald’s installations.

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“Art is a process of delivering or arranging elements that appeal to the emotions of a person looking at it. It’s what you feel. I picked those things because they were beautiful. The thing about size—if it’s big or small you have to look at it. Because I’m so big you have to look at […]


A couple years ago I was in a bar when a woman told me most women look for three traits in men. Those being personality, looks and money. “You only really need to have one of those to get by.” She said, “But the more you’ve got the better off you’ll be.” I questioned the […]


Written By Alex Tandy “Everyone has a book that changes their life,” (true, if you read). But some of us do read, and I want to give a brief bit on one of the books I read that recently inspired me. I’m not pretentious, however, Nietzsche may have been. I picked the book up because […]

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I’m just really intrigued by this one. I sometimes feel like in America we swim backstrokes in pools of our own ignorance, daily. Almost like we’re willfully naive to it all. While I feel like many of us can recognize that our nation is changing, I feel like it may be difficult to pinpoint how […]


It’s amazing how media has the power to alter perception. That’s what makes our movement so important. It’s like you can either tell people what to think, or you can show them how to think. These old time videos are so interesting to me because they provide a context by which to understand not only […]



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Written By Dave Fallarme The other day, I wandered into a 7/11 wanting chocolate. I didn’t know which candybar I wanted, I hadn’t decided. And so I stood there, in a colourful aisle surrounded by candy and snacks, looking at boxes and boxes of chocolate bars, mulling over my decision. I surveyed all the screaming […]


A couple weeks ago Oscar introduced me to George Carlin. I didn’t even know who this cat was until he came on the stereo. So I can only begin to put you up on his contributions to the world of comedy. But from what I can tell already, it seems like George Carlin’s brilliance lay […]


It’s hard to know what to do when you see numbers like this. I guess it’s one of the dangers of living in such a massive, developed country. What kind of context could you possibly have to place a figure like 43.6 million in? How do you address a systemic problem that’s rooted so deeply […]

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