Some vibrant nostalgia from the mind of Michelle Guintu. East Bay raised but SF residing, Michelle has developed her aesthetic simply by painting the things she likes. From 90′s R&B superstars, like Missy and Aaliyah, to Joe Montana paintings and McDonald’s installations.

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I touched down in Paris this afternoon around 1:45. And despite the fact that “Niggas in Paris” has ostensibly nothing Paris-specific about it, the video still seemed to drop at a pretty auspicious time. In any case, Paris is still gorgeous, and this song is still making large crowds of people go fucking gorillas, so […]

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It’s hard to know how to frame a record like Watch the Throne. Set against the backdrop of Top 40 hip-hop, increasingly defined by the hegemonic dominance of a small group of rappers, and the long-outdated single-centric album campaign formula, it’s startingly adventurous and experimental. Taken as the latest chapter in either of Jay’s or […]


By now, I feel like most of us are coming to appreciate Watch The Throne for what it is. Two artists, arguably at the top of their industry, coming together to make music. Is it classic? I suppose only time will tell. Although when you’re walking down the street and you hear “H.A.M.” and “No […]


If you were to tell me Hov and Ye were about to go in over a loop of Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness”, you wouldn’t have too much convincing left to do. With the highly anticipated Watch the Throne a few weeks away, the first real leak emerged last night, basically consisting of an […]


The Jay and Yeezy is extra epic. The Ducktails is super settled. James Blake gave me the chills with “Wilhelm’s Scream”, and Wayne went in on “Roman’s Revenge”. And if you, like me and everybody else, think of “Spottieottiedopalicious” as something not to be fucked with, give Nacey’s remix a minute to grow on you. […]


Getting inspired is the shit. Every once in a while you get lucky enough to have a week or so where things are just rolling creatively, and whatever it is you’re into at that point in time just speaks to you. At the moment, the music is doing that for me, so what better time […]


Saturdays are already pretty cool. But when Ye drops a new joint over a Pete Rock beat, sampling Curtis Mayfield, with Hov on it, on a sunny ass Saturday morning? I mean damn. “This beat deserves Hennessy, a bad bitch and a bag of weed, the holy trinity”. Sorry, but you gotta just let me […]

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First off, can we just take a minute to consider the fucking lineup on this track? Yeezy, Hov, Rozay and Nicki would be crazy already. But guest vocals from Bon Iver and Uncle Charlie? Fresh off the news that he and Jay are set to drop a five-track album soon, Ye dropped off the first […]


If Jay’s ridiculous verse on “Free Mason” somehow went over your head last week, do yourself a favor and let that one ride out first. My apologies if we’ve been a little Ross-heavy lately (no pun intended), but Teflon Don is looking serious. As far as the rest goes, highlights include some settled Dam Funk, […]

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