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Ryan Rocha is a thinker, which you can probably tell by the detail in his paintings. In our interview, the Sactown-bred painter and illustrator breaks down his journey, from skating and making flyers for punk shows, to hanging with Grandma, to setting up shop in Oakland.

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clams4Aside from a select handful of folks, it’s hard to remember the last time a hip-hop producer carved out a sonic space for themselves as distintively as Clams Casino has.

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For those of us who enjoy forward-thinking hip-hop shit, it’s been hard not to notice the high volume of quality material flowing out of the Black Hippy camp over the course of the last year. Both Kendrick’s Section.80 and Schoolboy Q’s Habits & Contradictions felt like career-solidifying accomplishments– fully fleshed-out realizations of the crazy potential […]

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Fresh off Coachella and on my way to Jazz Fest in NOLA, it’s hard not to feel like I’m getting spoiled by live music lately. In the meantime though, there’s been a ton of dope shit dropping left and right, and I haven’t had the chance to show love to all the great bands that […]

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Something about Saturday night’s A$AP showcase at Coachella felt historic. Black, upside-down flags flying in the wind, silhouetted by the iconic Coachella palms, and the whole stage draped in purple. Nevermind the fact that Rocky and company had the whole tent in the palm of their hand, the whole time, pretty much entirely on the […]


I don’t think I’m alone when I say it was Kush & Orange Juice that really gave Wiz my full attention. Now, two years on the heels of Kush & OJ‘s smooth, spacey soul textures, it’s safe to say Wiz’s position in the game is a bit different. But while “Black & Yellow” was topping […]

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Waka Flocka is the greatest. It’s like ratchet wasn’t even really ratchet until he came along. And every time we doubt him, he and Lex Luger come back with something earth-shatteringly fun and patently ridiculous. Waka Flocka makes weekend nights smack harder, and turns perfectly respectable gatherings into fucking chaos. He’s a major proponent of […]

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There are only so many artists in hip-hop who can still get me on board with some straightforward motivational shit. For K.R.I.T., it doesn’t hurt that he’s been churning out the most consistently soulful, trunk-rattling Southern shit available since Pimp C passed.”Boobie Miles” borrows its title from the subject of the original Friday Night Lights, […]

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I touched down in Paris this afternoon around 1:45. And despite the fact that “Niggas in Paris” has ostensibly nothing Paris-specific about it, the video still seemed to drop at a pretty auspicious time. In any case, Paris is still gorgeous, and this song is still making large crowds of people go fucking gorillas, so […]

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For the sake of discussion, Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80 happens to make for a solid point of comparison to Schoolboy Q’s Habits and Contradictions. Aside from the obvious–the two are frequent collaborators and members of Kendrick’s Black Hippy crew– Habits bears plenty of similarities to 80. For starters, they each have a phenomenal ear for beats, […]

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With the occasional exception or grey area, Rick Ross’ catalog of work is roughly divisible into two categories of songs. On the one hand, there are massive-sounding street singles and trap anthems, the evolution of which is traceable from “Hustlin’” to “BMF” and a slew of other Lex Luger contributions of late. On the other […]


Okay, so this girl is going hard right now. I mean, “212” just kind of blindsided us. It was one of those moments where somebody’s personality comes through so magnetically, it hits you like a ton of bricks. For one, I couldn’t stop playing the fucking thing. The video was just the icing the cake. […]

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In the interest of full disclosure, let’s just say we’ve had some server issues this year. And, unfortunately, that meant we couldn’t put as many songs out into orbit as we have in past years. Consequently, that means we didn’t get to show some artists the love they deserved. as far as Watch the Throne […]


Credit The Roots for their insistence on subtlety and focus. Nearly two decades into the game, ?uesto and company have kept busy over the last half decade, not only as the resident tastemakers for late-night network TV, but also as hip-hop’s foremost album auteurs, creating albums as conceptual and cohesive as any in recent memory. […]

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