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Ryan Rocha is a thinker, which you can probably tell by the detail in his paintings. In our interview, the Sactown-bred painter and illustrator breaks down his journey, from skating and making flyers for punk shows, to hanging with Grandma, to setting up shop in Oakland.

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Honestly I’m a bit conflicted about luxury. Part of me is like, yeah it’d be really dope to have a beautiful mansion, nice cars, and fancy clothes, but I’m also quite wary of what that lifestyle represents. I think out here in America, there’s this constant need to acquire more. More food, more clothes, more […]


Perfecting a craft is not an easy thing to do. The time and effort are necessary, but the passion is the key. What can you do for hours at a time, without so much as a glance at the clock. It would certainly seem that Sam O’Hare has found his. The visual effects artist put […]

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At first glance, Alexa Meade‘s works look like the kind of painting you might want to hang up on your wall. The problem is you can’t really do that. At least, it would present a few challenges. Alexa’s portraits and still-lifes are painted on the bodies of her subjects, creating pieces that exist in three-dimensional […]


Roughly the size of Texas, and containing close to 3.5 million tons of trash, the Great Pacific Waste Patch is the world’s largest waste dump and is seriously threatening Pacific ocean life. The main problem is plastic. Since it’s not biodegradable, if plastic is not buried in a landfill, it is eventually swept into the […]

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I think if you truly have a passion for something there’s very little that can stop you. With passion, in the bleakest of times, you’ll find a way. This is my introduction to street drumming, and perhaps it is yours as well. Who knew cats got down like this? I don’t know, there’s just something […]


Today, I’d like share one of my favorite movies with you. Sweet Elizabeth brought this into my life many years ago and it has been my answer to “what’s your favorite movie?” ever since. I can’t even begin to relate to you how wet this movie is. Kof & Lan know. I watched it over […]


As somebody who’s spent extensive time getting blown and watching Planet Earth, I can say that this definitely looks like the movement. Coming to Discovery March 23rd, BBC’s original 11-part series, Life will give viewers a chance to see nature at it’s most extraordinary. The video above highlights the numerous “firsts”, or never-before captured natural […]



My first question with this one is why. I think the architects answer would be, “Why not?” I suppose there are multiple uses for the “house”. Whether you want to make it an office, or a kick it spot, the Egg House will hold it down. Equipped with a bathroom, kitchen, bed and storage space, […]



Photos By Andre Shpatak Every time I’m at the beach I marvel at how little we know about the ocean. Just trying to post up in the ocean is an enjoyable ordeal. Scientists say that there may be up to 9 million undiscovered species in the ocean. And even if they were half right, that’s […]

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Something about massive urban centers at night is just so damn beautiful. Tokyo, in particular is one of those places you never get tired of looking at. Tokyo/Glow is the collaborative work of director Jonathan Bensimon and footwear brand The Generic Man, showing the journey of an illuminated man through the city streets of Tokyo. […]

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This is the inaugural so let’s start from the beginning. The brainchild of Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs, Street Etiquette is the creative effort of the duos interests, passions, and personal style. Combining a weekly selection of looks and outfits, Street Etiquette has managed to develop a keen fashion sense that’s suited for the urban […]



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