Alexa Meade

At first glance, Alexa Meade‘s works look like the kind of painting you might want to hang up on your wall. The problem is you can’t really do that. At least, it would present a few challenges. Alexa’s portraits and still-lifes are painted on the bodies of her subjects, creating pieces that exist in three-dimensional space, and play with the viewer’s perception. How you even come up with the idea to do something like this is beyond me, but I’m glad Alexa made it happen. Hit the MORE to see how she gets down.

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Roughly the size of Texas, and containing close to 3.5 million tons of trash, the Great Pacific Waste Patch is the world’s largest waste dump and is seriously threatening Pacific ocean life. The main problem is plastic. Since it’s not biodegradable, if plastic is not buried in a landfill, it is eventually swept into the ocean through streams and sewers. So things are pretty fucked up. What makes things worse, is that it’s difficult to grasp the enormity of the problem. About 70% of the waste sinks to the ocean, while the rest of it sits about 20 meters from the surface. That means that once the plastic reaches the ocean, it stays there, either to be digested by sea life, or washed upon land.

While the Great Pacific Waste Patch is the largest in the world, it is not the only waste patch. Similar patches have been found in the South Pacific, the North and South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. has a wealth of information on the issue and we’ve included a video after the MORE. In short, the ocean’s doin bad and we’re the ones to blame.

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My first question with this one is why. I think the architects answer would be, “Why not?” I suppose there are multiple uses for the “house”. Whether you want to make it an office, or a kick it spot, the Egg House will hold it down. Equipped with a bathroom, kitchen, bed and storage space, the Egg House, known to the architects as the blob VB3 is a one of a kind space aimed to spark the imagination while providing a functional living space. Imagine if you hot boxed this. You could come back and tell your friends you hot boxed an egg. Now that’s a story.

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Golden State Cafe Image 9
Photos By Andre Shpatak

Every time I’m at the beach I marvel at how little we know about the ocean. Just trying to post up in the ocean is an enjoyable ordeal. Scientists say that there may be up to 9 million undiscovered species in the ocean. And even if they were half right, that’s incredible. I would really like to go scuba diving. Rob went a while back and it got me juiced. Hopefully we’d encounter some of the animals presented here. A peculiar experience indeed.

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Something about massive urban centers at night is just so damn beautiful. Tokyo, in particular is one of those places you never get tired of looking at. Tokyo/Glow is the collaborative work of director Jonathan Bensimon and footwear brand The…

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Think of us as facilitators. Facilitators with the sole purpose of sharing all that is wonderful. Assist men perhaps. The Chris Pauls and John Stocktons of the internet. Laugh out loud. The Chris Paul of the internet. Damn. But in…

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