We made some moves over the 4th of July weekend with our inaugural W&B Bike Night. Taking an evening ride through the Town, we stopped off at Surf Club and Morcom Park before settling in at the backyard boogie in the West. Thanks to Max, and Dispo Max, we have some pics to help tell the tale.

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Their title, not mine. And generally, I’m not big on the sensationalizing, fear-mongering thing in regards to substances. But in the case of scopolamine, it seems like at least some of the hype is warranted. The World’s Scariest Drug, the latest in Vice‘s ever-expanding catalog of video journalism pieces, finds reporter Ryan Duffy taking a […]


It’s always nice to get the opportunity to see two brilliant folks reminisce about how they got to where they are now. In a lot of cases, it’s like a free buffet of game to be put up on. Shane Smith and Spike Jonze are both mavens of culture in their own right, having made […]

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Now that a few million eyes are tracking the Odd Future collective’s every move, it seems only appropriate that a few folks not named Tyler or Frank take their turn in the spotlight. Aside from a few remixes surfacing over the last few months, Syd the Kid has been pretty quiet thus far. As introductions […]


For many of the folks that have dabbled in psychedelic experiences before, this may not come as much of a surprise. But it’s always nice to have the evidence to back up or validate your intuition. A recent study led by researchers at Johns Hopkins found that psilocybin, the active chemical in magic mushrooms, when […]


Watching this one now, it’s hard not to draw parallels to Charlie Sheen. I suppose Charlie’s been living out his own gonzo fantasy of sorts, if you want to call it that. And yet, Fear and Loathing on the Road to Hollywood, despite the similarities, offers a portrait of a figure not only decadent and […]

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I don’t want to say this kind of art wouldn’t be made without drugs. But this kind of art wouldn’t be made without drugs. Probably. Combining inspiration from ’60s counterculture and the acid house music of the ’80s, The Golden Sun Movement fused those influences into a distinct aesthetic. Drawing on classic album art, philosophical […]

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It was a sunny afternoon when we got together. We always had fun, our adventures knew no limits. The magic of our youth making it all seem so trivial. She was mature for her age. A worldly girl, I found myself trying to act cooler than I was in her presence. So content with herself, […]

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In talking about a figure like Owsley ‘Bear’ Stanley, it’s hard to separate the man from the myth. For one, he’s credited with producing and distributing literally millions of acid tabs, the quality of which was pretty much unquestioned. Add to that the fact that he was one of the primary sound engineers of the […]

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Taboos are a funny thing. Some have clear, logical or practical reasons behind them. Others don’t. Sometimes, they’re based on fear or tradition, and other times they’re just based on the best evidence available at the time. In any case, I got love for those open-minded scientific researchers out there who continue to push the […]


Dicks. Boobs. Lines of coke. Orgies. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. These kinds of things are inherently interesting, considered in and of themselves. The other day, Owen alluded to a sort of destructive instinct we feel as humans; a sort of pull toward that which is wild, unrestricted and dangerous. If anyone’s work encompasses […]


Okay, this one’s for the J Tree crew. Suffice to say, my one experience with Joshua Tree was not one I’m likely to forget. Situated between San Bernardino and Riverside counties, Joshua Tree National Park is one of the more scenic desert locations in the country. Characterized by Yucca brevifolia, known better as the Joshua […]

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