Much love to the folks that ventured out to the first Wine & Bowties of the Spring. To Tap 10, Starter Kit, Jay Casio and Yung_smh thank you for blessing us with your tunes. Consider it the first HNRL + TT6 + DRGN + W&B collab. Friday got weird but we live to tell to about it through pictures and words.

Codex Seraphinianus

Vintage illustrations from Luigi Serafini's surrealist encyclopedia


What if a couple’s flesh could meld together during intercourse, spawning a full-grown alligator? What if ladybugs emerged organically from rings of red viscous material that grew on the branches of trees? What if you could swap out your skeleton for a fresh one when it gets old? In the late 1970s, Luigi Serafini took some wild ideas so far down the rabbit hole of thought that he came up with the Codex Seraphinianus, a massive book that reads like a surrealist encyclopedia of an alien universe that feels oddly familiar yet outlandish, beautiful and grotesque all at once.

For all its proposed madness, the Codex is well organized into sections that include strange anatomies, technologies, fashions, linguistics, and architecture. Although one can only presume this based on the pictures, because the text is completely unreadable. Some people have attempted to decode the language, but the author himself (who is still alive and lives in Rome) claims that it is devoid semantic content, there’s no method to it, therefore impossible to crack.



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12 O’Clock Boys Film Screening Photograph by Alfred Vidaurri

But it’s the moments that keep you going. Encouragement from a friend. An email, a like, a party or a screening. How do you turn your dreams into reality? That’s the closest thing to magic I can think of… How do you become a magician? If someone has the answer let me know. They say it’s all about passion.. Yeah yeah, we’ve heard that. They say it’s all about focus… Shit we know that by now too. But what they don’t tell you about is the journey. The reality of your pursuit. Don’t let the uncertainty of tomorrow paralyze you. Still gotta move with purpose.

Everyone out here tryna act like it’s alllllllll goooood on the insta. When you know that inside everyone’s going through something. Everyone out here tryna act like it’s all good on the insta. When you know we haven’t in talked in months…

You’d think Wine & Bowties was a mission of a few, but really it took the whole village. Thank you for supporting these dreams of ours with your time and your presence. To the friends telling friends about these cotdamn parties, thank you. We’re here to unite the people. To the folks reading this that have been riding with us and have never touched a party, I know you’re out there. These words are for you too. We’re building a ship for everybody to sail on, so thank you for adding wind to our sails.

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New images of Seeplus jewelery are a reminder to accessorize



It’s been a couple years in the making for the lego accessories of Seeplus to come to fruition. The brainchild of Chris Mueller, Seeplus has maintained their mantra of “Fun is what you make it…” throughout their existence. It was only a few months ago, that I walked in upon the construction of their latest guerilla marketing efforts. Seeplus blocks situated throughout the city, placed in specific locations to signify premiere destinations in the town. The efforts were picked up by Oaklandlish amongst others and helped to build the scope of what Seeplus aims to bring.

On the micro level, Seeplus offers jewelry and accessories. Branded with the word “PLUS” in exchange for “LEGO”, Chris has created a line of products unique unto themselves. Recently, images of Seeplus’ 3D Printed Steel Lego Rings have surfaced, and they’re fresh. More to come in the months to follow, but for now you can get a hold of Seeplus on Shapeways or their personal site.


Matte blk ring

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A freckly girl from Arizona messed around and came with a sultry jam



Love it or hate it, Bob’s always had a way of pickin’ trends. He’s gotta knack for it. I mean he was telling me Miguel was going to on be on back in ’08. That was like four years before “Adorn.” So when Bob told me to check for Kacy Hill, I was open to it. Shit, maybe we’ll all be saying her name by 2018. At 19 though, Kacy Anne Hill has already embarked as a promising career as a model for AA, but it was only until recently that she began to pursue music as well. Her latest effort, simply known as “Experience,” is a soulful track, that’s enhanced with some tree.

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photo (12)

photo (11)

I’m losing my hair over this shit. Casualty of war I guess. Am I crazy? Should we stop? Should I deny what I see when I close my eyes and let these dreams fade away into the 5pm sky? I’m seeing stars again. That’s a good thing. But five years in the trenches makes you wonder if you’ll ever reach them. Luckily I got Will with me so we’re good. You think we’re gonna turn back now?

I thought the tree would save me, yet it was the greatest gift and curse. It was part of the reason we had made it this far, and yet also responsible for why we weren’t there yet. Abigail lookin at me with her arms folded. But many a man and woman had done much more with much less, so who was I to complain?



Nuno Moreira travels the world to capture lasting images



Raised in Portugal yet residing in Tokyo, it’s safe to say that photographer Nuno Moreira knows a little about culture. Specializing in art direction, photography, book and cd design amongst other disciplines, much of Moreira’s work focuses on detail and texture. Nuno’s latest project, a photo book entitled State of Mind, is a look into the transient interactions of mysterious strangers. Taken throughout Japan, Hungary, Portugal, Malaysia, Spain, South-Korea, and Russia to name a few, Nuno’s photographic
expose spans a variety of vibrant locales. Yet Nuno keeps his images to black and white, reminding us of the simplicities that underlie the complexity of human interaction.

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The Golden Treatment

Honey never looked so sweet...

screen shot 2014-02-26 at 6.48.31 pm

screen shot 2014-02-26 at 6.48.31 pm

It’s hard to go wrong with honey. So many benefits, so many benefits. Fortunately, filmmaker Michael Doyle Olson found use for it too. If that name rings a bell then you’ve been here for a while. To be honest, he had to add the line, “The Guy Who Made the Einstein Painting,” to help me remember. Way back when our stars aligned when Michael came across one of our more unique Wine & Bowties business cards. Needless to say, it compelled him to create.

Fast forward four years and another note from Michael landed in our email. This time creating some lasting visuals for Mister Jackson’s latest efforts, “The Golden Treatment.” Equally received in 1984 or 2014, Doylson’s continuous long shot never made honey look so sweet. “The Golden Treatment” is the lead single from the forthcoming album, “The Golden Hour Groove Session,” by Ethan Jackson.

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Wine & Bowties Presents: American Juggalo

Our documentary series with Oakland Surf Club continues with American Juggalo and the films of Sean Dunne



Highlighting the beauty and chaos that has come to characterize the Gathering of the Juggalos, filmmaker Sean Dunne turned his camera upon the unforgettable festival goers known simply as The Juggalos. Comprised of the legion of fans dedicated to the Insane Clown Posse, the fifteen year old festival has garnered national acclaim in recent years for its over the top acts and unforgettable personalities.

Beautifully shot by Dunne and his crew, American Juggalo puts viewers at the heart of the festival. Conducting personal interviews with fans and festival goers, Dunne’s documentation lends insight not into the mindset of the Juggalo, but the universal beliefs that unify them all.

We’ll be presenting a screening of American Juggalo this Thursday at Oakland Surf Club at 7pm. Seating is lightweight limited so come early if you want to grab a seat. We’ll have some popcorn on deck but BYOB. See you all soon. Whoop Whoop!

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