An unreasonably groovy ode to having fun synthetically


I think I sweat through everything I had on the first time I saw Thundercat. I know I accidentally knocked D Nash on her ass on the way in. Okay, so I was faded, but that shit was groovy. Like a magic in the air, this feels important kind of night. When Steven Bruner, now known across the indie universe as Thundercat, strolled out of The Echo–decked out in skintight, glossy gold pants and his trademark headdress–he looked a litte dazed, overwhelmed even. It was, after all, one of his first solo gigs–an album release party-turned-mindfucking, complete with Badu and FlyLo DJ sets, insane bass noodling, and a healthy dose of space age funk.

A year and a half later, The Golden Age of Apocalypse has long sinced graduated to mainstay status in my collection, soundtracking both contemplative moments and all out jam seshes. In the meantime, though, TC’s had time to craft his Brainfeeder followup, due out . If lead single “Heartbreaks + Setbacks” falls into the former category, “Oh Shiet It’s X”, is likely to fall into the latter, chronicling a night spent ingesting, and promptly rolling balls. “X” is vintage, squelchy funk turned ravey, a kaleidoscopic trip built firmly on irresistable groove. Pop a pill to it. Don’t. Dance yourself clean. Do what you want. But do hit play, and see what happens to your seratonin levels.

Download: Thundercat – “Oh Sheit It’s X”