Ladies and gentlemen, FEELS II is in the books. Much love and many thanks to all the folks involved in bringing our first art and music festival to reality. Bringing together a host of musical artists, from Kool A.D., Teebs and Kreayshawn, to visual artists like Ryan Rocha, Bud Snow and more, FEELS II was one to remember.



At the end of the day, there’s no real substitute for a pretty, silky-smooth, sexy ass love song. And Rhye’s “Open” is nothing if not those things. It’s gorgeous. That voice alone is enough to make you want to stay in bed all morning and cupcake. The numerous Sade comparisons it’s invited so far were practically inevitable. The full string section, the impossibly smooth bouquet of synth and guitar flourishes, the fact that the whole song sounds like a plea for a drunk boyfriend to stay awake– all of that would be enough to pique my curiosity about Rhye even if the folks behind it weren’t trying so hard to keep their identities a secret. Add to that a cool label, a solid three-song EP, and a video whose plot basically amounts to an alternating-partner sex marathon (hit MORE), and I’d say you have a certified buzz band worth buzzing about. Find somebody to get cozy with tonight, and let this one set the mood.

Download: Rhye – “Open”

  • Fourth World

    That is quite a teaser for a new group – just as you describe the rich voice, full musicality and interesting video.

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