Redefining toot it and boot it in the animal kingdom


Two thumbs up to the cameramen and women who capture these sights for us. Seems like technology’s getting us closer and closer to these foreign animal kingdoms. In the treacherous life of a male jumping spider, getting past third base can often times become a matter of life and death. Similar to the birds of paradise, the male jumping spider must woo his mate through a mixture of dance and auditory vibrations. After putting on their best show for the female of their choice, the life of the male jumping spider is then left in the hands of his counterpart.

Given the female’s penchant for devouring mates with a swift fang to the body, if the male’s mating dance goes unappreciated, it could easily be the end. Think about it: you approach a cute girl in a bar and say what’s up. If she’s feeling you all good, but if she’s not, she can stab you in the heart at any moment, and no one would trip. They’d say, “He should’ve known not to try and holler at her…” So you gotta give it up to these males who put their lives on the line for a good shag.

Max Gibson

Max Gibson aka Dispo Max is a journalist, web curator and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Wine & Bowties, an Oakland-based art and culture publication with the focus of celebrating creativity. Today Max resides in Oakland after living in LA. Max loves hoop, dispos and good jokes.