The fact that things like this exist in the world is a little mindblowing. I guess my first reaction was just a handful of questions. Who set this up? Who has the balls to try this kind of shit, and aside from that, how would you start to practice? Over the past few years, Valparaiso, Chile has hosted one of the world’s truly extraordinary sporting events: The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo, which, if you’re not already watching above, is an all-downhill street biking race, with an unusual course. Flights of stairs, large crowds, steep hills and stray dogs are just a few of the obstacles in question. For the 2011 run, held a few days ago, Filip Polc came out on top, and if you care to learn more, check here. Personally, the video above says plenty.

  • J. Hyphen

    I just Came. My mouth was open the whole time…ridiculously dope shit!

  • Max Gibson

    agreed. nothing short of extraordinary.

  • reed

    Hahaha hyphen.

    The window jump at the end is just too insane. I want this shit on 3D.

  • yung hd


  • yung hd

    nigga got on a pinstripe suit