Ringing in the New Year in Oakland, with a little help from our friends

Where do we even start with New Year’s? Can we just rewind to Tuesday forever? It felt like five years in the making, but also the beginning of something new. We’ve been trying for this for years ya’ll. Fuckin’ years! So to have that moment happen really was a dream. I think we’re on to something guys, that’s what Morgan said. She’s been the one holding down the door the past couple celebrations so please show her love when you see her.

More than anything though, New Year’s Eve, these celebrations, this website, these moments, have been a team effort from the jump, and while it’s easy to take credit for where we’re at, there’s never a bad time to give thanks. We’re really just trying to facilitate these moments. Facilitate these good times, and facilitate these smiles.

First and foremost a big thank you goes out to Crystal and Jessica, our beloved bartenders who gave us the opportunity to put the night together. To our DJ’s… cot damn. Sofi setting the vibe so proper, had folks dancing in the first 15 minutes. To Antwon, much love for bringing your talents to our function. I think we saw the birth of something with Daghe, and Wave you already know where we put our trust. Lastly, it’s all about you, so thanks to everyone for supporting us and thank you for coming along for the journey.

Max Gibson

Max Gibson aka Dispo Max is a journalist, web curator and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Wine & Bowties, an Oakland-based art and culture publication with the focus of celebrating creativity. Today Max resides in Oakland after living in LA. Max loves hoop, dispos and good jokes.
  • Amanda

    aawww! Max and Jessica! Crystal! Japheth! Love seeing pretty friend’s faces.

  • http://nicanrobinson.carbonmade.com Nican Robinson

    Not happy that I missed this…Not at all..

  • Anonymous

    “those DL boys are fly as fuck”- Everyone at the party

  • Tiago

    Lovely energy..Great pics!

  • Wood Not

    That party ended the concept of all other parties for me. Are there more to come at that nutso spot? The space was nuts.