The Full Body Project
Photography By Leonard Nimoy

You know it’s funny, the concept of beauty and all. Who decides that kind of stuff anyways, and why do we seem to always abide by their definitions? It’s the television and magazines that do it to us. But we’re the ones that reinforce it.

I think we just need to have our own personal standards for shit. Our own set of values and what not. We don’t have to subscribe to the trends of the day, rather, we can create our own. I think that’s what Leonard’s getting at in this project. His photos challenge our general notion of feminine beauty, offering a fresh and pleasantly honest depiction of what beauty means to him.

“I asked them to be proud,” said Leonard. “A condition they took to easily. Having completed the compositions that were initially planned, I then asked them to play some music that they had brought with them, and they quickly responded to the rhythms, dancing in a free-form circular movement within the space. It was clear that they were comfortable with the situation, with each other, and were enjoying themselves.”

At the end of the day we just gotta be happy with who we are, and if we’re not, take on the responsibility to change. We got one life and one body. Much love to the big girls, the small girls and everyone in between.

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

Max Gibson

Max Gibson aka Dispo Max is a journalist, web curator and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Wine & Bowties, an Oakland-based art and culture publication with the focus of celebrating creativity. Today Max resides in Oakland after living in LA. Max loves hoop, dispos and good jokes.
  • Anonymous

    Beauty comes from within. Nice post.

  • Darrin Elliot

    Love all these pictures. My favorite being the one with black shoes on. The facial expressions are that of a supermodel. Not only do they convey sex appeal from the facial expressions alone, they portray utter confidence. Especially the blonde on the left, as if she’s proud. Great fucking piece. Shouts to Leonard.


    WTF, I see the post about the new Jordans and am reminded why I come to this site, then see pictures of naked fat women that make me wish I was gay (not that theres anything wrong with that). This website is awesome and awful all at once.

  • Anonymous

    ^ different strokes for different folks

  • Anonymous

    I think beauty comes in all different forms, but theres a difference between inside beauty and maintaining ones general health. How can you really find beauty in someone who doesnt care about themselves. I know there are obviously exceptions to obesity(diseases, economic facotrs and such) but especially in our industrialized society(America) a celebration of such just seems a little comical and trying to be way too politically correct.

  • B. Williams

    For anybody who was wondering, yes. Leonard Nimoy is this Leonard Nimoy: //

  • reed

    i’m with darrin. peculiar and extraordinary. it’s the ecclecticism of this site that makes it interesting tho. I mean, how boring is it to be exposed to things you know you’ll like all the time?

  • B. Williams

    the Matisse homage is pretty classic…

  • Max Gibson

    i was hoping this post would express the need for us to be comfortable in our own skin. like, if THEY can be comfortable why can’t you?

  • Darrin Elliot

    No pun intended but I see massive amount of beauty in this piece

  • Ryan H.

    “i was hoping this post would express the need for us to be comfortable in our own skin. like, if THEY can be comfortable why can’t you?” – Max Gibson

    But the comfort with themselves they show off in these pictures is: (1) directed by the photographer who ‘asked them to be proud.’ and (2) is also influenced by the the situation that the photographer created – one in which they are only around people that look like them. Most of us feel more comfortable with ourselves when we are around people with whom we have similarities.

    I don’t think we can assume these people are “comfortable in [their] own skin” by the constructed setting and directed emotions…

    With that being said, they do look happy amongst each other!!!

    And thanks for posting this!

  • Ryan H.

    *one in which they are only around people who are also obese.*

  • Max Gibson

    Ryan H,

    I agree, assumptions can be dangerous, although I think that even though there are rhetorical devices at play, (constructed setting, directed emotions)
    these women still appear to be pretty comfortable with themselves? Would you disagree? I think the fact that these women went through with the
    shoot gives some support to the belief that these women are comfortable with themselves.

    Even if a photographer put me around people with whom i have similarities and asked me to be proud I still wouldn’t pose naked.

    Would you, or anyone else?

    Thanks for the response

    Are you saying at that these women aren’t comfortable in their own skin? Or that there may be a possibility that these aren’t comfortable in their own skin?

    Do you think that they are not comfortable in their own skin?

  • Amanda

    Of course they’re confident. You would be hard pressed to argue that these women didn’t realize the potential viral life these photos could take, being disseminated for millions of people to see. If these photos had been taken in the 16th century (forgive the anachronism of the technology) it wouldn’t be an issue because being overweight was a sign of wealth (having the money to feed one’s self to excess), so the fact that some of us cringe when seeing photos like this is purely a sociopolitical result of living in a sizeist world.

  • we all wiles

    its a shame that it takes some fat women to start a discussion about some shit. This website has genuinely tried to open up some conversation about poignant topics and folks don’t seem to be as interested. human nature huh

  • Ryan H.


    I don’t think you can compare the role courage plays in these fat women posing naked vs. the role it plays in you posing naked with people who look similar to you. These pictures were a part of a larger artistic vision that – as Amanda noted above – had promising “viral life.” I think the social statement that these photographs try to make is more of a point of emphasis than the individuals in the picture. This is because they are all fat, and fat people don’t usually pose nude.

    If you, however, were to pose nude with people who look similar to you on some basic physical characteristic, I think the photograph would be less about the overall social statement and more about: “who are these people? is there a reason they are posing nude together? this is random…” And because the attention would be drawn more to the individual, I think it would take more courage to pose in that picture.

    As far as whether or not these women are comfortable in their own skin? They are comfortable enough to take this picture together. I’m not sure if that makes them comfortable or not? That’s a hard question for me to answer…I think they would have to do that.

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  • Teri Deida

    I am deeply saddened for this tremendous loss!! Leonard and his admiration for Big beauties touched me deeply and I am so glad this project was shared before his untimely demise ? REST IN PEACE SPOCK…I will always love you ~much respect from Sexycuban1

  • Mary Martinez

    I had never heard of this project until now. I am a very large woman 5′ 2″ tall 311 lbs and have been obese all my life. I am grateful that he found a way to give our class of women dignity and respect. I admit that I would not be able to pose for something like this because it is too ingrained in me to see my body type as unacceptable. I have no defensiveness or resentment about the body types most people find attractive as I too find in my own eye that slender people are exceptionally beautiful to look at. I take issue with large women who resent that there is not universal acceptance of the full figured woman as equally beautiful as her slim counterparts. I think there is something wired into our biology that instinctualy causes people to not see large people as attractive or healthy and maybe that’s due to concerns for offspring and survival rates as we obese do tend to struggle with health issues. So I can honestly say I am in admiration of these proud ladies but at the same time I am finding that the constant bullying to accept what some of us find as distasteful, immoral or degrading is not a way to pursue acceptance-of anything or anyone. I think the photos are well executed and I would be proud to own this book but at the same time I would not?put it on display as some bullying plea to force people to accept me body type as attractive or as sexually enticing as the small figured women whom most men prefer

    RIP Mr. Nimoy, thank you for your vision.

  • Fat Valkyrie

    I think that LM new that so many fat women hate themselves because of our bodies and he wanted to portray fat bodies as an acceptable thing that ppl are allowed to enjoy instead of loathing themselves with every breath.

    These pictures are not about trying to bully a society that hates us into finding fat bodies sexually attractive. They are about showing fat women that it’s ok to accept the bodies they have and it’s ok to enjoy their bodies in a world that hates them.

  • Florian Becquereau

    That’s a beautiful post, Mary.

    I admire the courage of these women, and there’s beauty in this courage. But I’m personally not attracted at all by their bodies.
    I also think that we instinctively are attracted to a somewhat healthy body, and obesity is quite unhealthy.
    And then there’s a wide array of tastes out there, some liking very slim body, some liking slightly larger bodies (which would be medically described as overweight but not obese).
    So yes, when I see them, there’s an admiration for their courage, there’s no physical attraction, and there’s a bit of sadness about their health.

  • Mary Martinez

    Exactly, and if you search NPR he states why he did it and its art for him. As I stated in my comment, I fear that large women will use this book as a way to bully people; I was not saying Mr. Nimoy had an agenda. He actually stated he was concerned about taking on the project.

    No offense but when reading comments please read them fully with the intent to understand them and don’t sift them through a defensive lens. Ironically I pointed out how uncomfortable I am with some of we obese being defensive and I can see I was on the mark, sadly.

  • Dannan

    What was at all defensive about Fat Valkyrie’s comment…?

  • Mary Martinez

    I applaud your honesty and the care you’ve taken in expressing your views. You have an obligation to be honest and to not be guilted by those who think there is something evil about not being attracted to all body types. I too am not attracted to all body types, my husband is not attracted to all body types but accepts me for me not due to body type. If he was just going on exteriors we would not have been a couple. I can’t assume that he would marry another full figured woman if I passed away and that’s more than ok.

    I wish I could debunk the claims that there is healthy obesity but that is not true. One of the ladies in the photos died of a severe illness after the book’s release. I struggle with a myriad of conditions and almost lost my life 2 years ago. I am waiting for the post surgical mortality rates for weight loss surgery to go down to more acceptable level. I was in the E.R. one night and watched a surgery patient die from complications after surgery with a surgeon who had just interviewed me as a candidate-scary stuff! As soon as I’m reasonably sure of my long term post op survival I will pursue this option-I’m hopeful as I’m seeing more good outcomes as of late.

    We do have an obligation to make a place for every person in society and not to cruelly exclude anyone because they fit a negative stereotype in the eyes of some people but with that said we shouldn’t pressure INDIVIDUALS to embrace a particular group of people if they have honestly stated that they just can’t. It is possible to respect others as human beings without having to condone the way (healthy or unhealthy) that they choose to live.

  • Fat Valkyrie
  • Rebecca Moss

    Okay, I understand that these women are trying to counter the slim women that dominate the media, but these pictures do not get to the crux of the issue: women’s’ bodies are their own and its OKAY to have privacy for our bodies and NOT to be judged by them. Adding more naked women photos doesn’t help with the pay difference between men and women, it doesn’t take away the bombardment of media sexualizing women, and it doesn’t give our bodies back to us. These photos still invite the world to judge us for our bodies. How about a campaign entitled “stop talking about women’s bodies altogether and leave them alone in order for each individual woman to try to figure out what is best for her own body”

  • Fat Valkyrie

    think that LM new that so many fat women hate themselves because of our bodies and he wanted to portray fat bodies as an acceptable thing that ppl are allowed to enjoy instead of loathing themselves with every breath.

    These pictures are not about trying to bully a society that hates us into finding fat bodies sexually attractive. They are about showing fat women that it’s ok to accept the bodies they have and it’s ok to enjoy their bodies in a world that hates them.

  • Taryn Dismang


  • Alicia Rius

    Beautiful photos and beautiful models.

  • Sandi Teresa Salas

    Thank you for a very thoughtful and heartfelt post. I used to be overweight as well. I hope that you find peace and health with whatever path you choose.

  • Anna

    Mary…that was exceptionally articulate, brave, honest, inspirational, objective. I don’t know you, but your ability to transcend your own experiences and reality to be fair-minded is incredibly impressive. Best to you, Mary!!

  • Charlotte Sáenz


  • Femmedujour

    Mary, you have a problem. Fat people aren’t bullying anyone; we are fat and we exist, and anyone with a problem with my size is the one with a problem. Your self-loathing is sad. You are the only one who is bullying and defensive. Why are you so damn apologetic about being fat?

  • Katarzyna Jakubowski

    The Militant

  • Ade

    But Mary, being pressured as individuals to accept a particular group is what larger persons face every day whether it’s on the street or the media. No one seems to be concerned about that but the rare instance when fat is portrayed as proud suddenly we’re concerned about large persons bullying others? So strange. As a large, healthy woman (my doc and my labs say so), I just want the ‘privileges’ afforded to other human beings- to walk down the street unharassed, to not be body shamed, to be proud of the body that I am in and may be in for the rest of my life.

    I sympathize with u and all the issues that you are currently facing because of your lifestyle choices (not your size) but it is really disengenius and erroneous to assume that these woman have health issues because they are larger. Look at them, they don’t need anyone’s pity or sadness, they are not interested in bullying anyone, they just need to be.

    My wish for you is that you will deal with your self loathing and feel half the pride that these women feel, regardless of the body that you are in.

  • sdsures

    ~LLAP Rest in peace, Leonard.

  • Crystal Parker

    I would like to start by saying, Leonard Nemoy (Spock) You were a man of many talents and they will be truly missed, however you left us with many fond and happy memories over the years…Thank you again…May you rest peacefully now….Many prayers for your family and friends to have comfort and understanding in this time of loss…..On a 2nd note: I am a woman of size (all my life) and find his work in this endeavor very Beautiful and Inspiring….I look forward to owning this book and displaying it proudly in my house….Had I known of his endeavor I would have been happy to partake….No matter our body type, size, shape, or ability….There shouldn’t be any embarrassment or feelings of being ashamed….We are all human, all made the same, all made uniquely and whether it’s a flaw for one, it can be a beauty mark that is cherished for another….Like the saying goes, “Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover”….I feel the same can be said our bodies…We are all Beautiful in our own ways…..

  • Kara Thrace

    Yes, the woman who died, died of ovarian cancer. Thin she would have been just as dead, sadly.

  • Bridget Sclama

    I don’t think we are “hard wired” to see large people as unattractive….I think it is pushed and pushed by our media and society. Just 100 years ago, larger women were sought after because we were considered healthier (not sick with tuberculosis or other illnesses) and great for child-bearing. There are still many cultures around the world that view large women as the most desired–considered wealthier because they could afford to eat more than everyone else.

    I think from LN’s perspective, as Mr. Spock, everywhere the Enterprise traveled, Mr. Spock was always the one that people looked at because he was different than everyone else. Even on his home planet of Vulcan, he was different because he was half-human. I think he came to see that looks are nothing more than the wrapping paper on a person and that true beauty lies within.

    Surround yourself with big, beautiful, and proud of it women. Maybe their positivity will rub off on you!

  • Imaculada Figueiredo

    It can be fat or thin.

    Many do physical exercises and others can not or will not.

    The inner beauty is more important – BEAUTIFUL.



    The photographer has to be an artist and feel inspired to show what others do not “SEE”; Happiness (smile on the lips), Sensuality (No shame of your body, mirror, mirror), fun (touch the feet on the stairs, twirl the dance).

  • shmaesh

    There is no possible way this is an effort to bully anyone.
    Art is not required to meet your personal belief structure or tastes. Nor should it.

  • katrinaro

    Obesity is not now nor has it ever been “quite unhealthy.” In the formation and propagation of the genes you carry around in your body, fat women were the reason you exist. They were always the surest way to produce healthy and intelligent babies. Any idea that a fat woman would not now be attractive has been drilled into you by a dollar driven media business churning out BILLIONS Of dollars a year to foster the constant pursuit of a highly unattainable “ideal” that really has very little basis in evolution, health – or sanity.

  • Guest

    love this crystal parker—-“We are all human, all made the same, all made uniquely and whether it’s a
    flaw for one, it can be a beauty mark that is cherished for another.”

  • Rebecca James

    YES!!!!! Exactly!!!!!!
    Now, side note: I’m sorry but,you can’t say you’re 100% Healthy being not just a little overweight but morbidly obese….your joints will not tolerate it. Maybe they do at the moment, but ask yourself how healthy you will feel when you are morbidly obese and a geriatric who can’t wipe your own bottom, have pressure sores and yeast infections on your skin because your deteriorated heart from the stress of carrying all that extra weight and your exhausted and now arthritic joints limit your activity tolerance to almost bedridden. I see it all the time in the nursing homes. You do NOT want to be obese,AND get old….

    But what Rebecca said, how about we just freaking stop TALKING ABOUT WOMENS BODIES. I’m so sick if feeling like I SHOULDNT be happy if someone or the mainstream media doesn’t like something about me or says that my body doesn’t match perfectly to the innatainable “Perfect” body. You know what, it’s my body, I live,with it every day, I do what I can to take care of it, I should be happy and comfortable with it and damnit, that should be a PRIVATE thing that is respected!!!!

  • be kind

    @Femmedujour: I think that the word “bullying” has been stretched beyond all sensible meaning of late. I agree that Ms. Martinez’s idea that fat women would be bullying anyone by sharing this book makes no sense. We have little power. To be a bully, you must have power, like the people who have apparently bullied Ms. Martinez into feeling that she has to apologize for asking people not to treat her badly. I hope she can come to feel more confident in herself.

  • be kind

    @katrinaro: Thank you! Some big people are healthy, and some are not. Same with thin people, and those in-between. Truly, if the ability to gain weight easily were per se unhealthy, why would so many of us have that trait? It’s shameful that people who find particular body types unattractive can pretend that they are all full of medical concern for those types, when it often is simply the result of constant social pressure.


    FemmeDujour, Really your going to bully another individual expressing an opinion. Some may be comfortable in their own skin, she is not and I know that I am not in mine. That does not make her a bad person and she is right.. the its okay to be fat campaign has gone a little overboard. It is not okay to be 600+ lbs… its i not okay to use your weight as an excuse to get anything that you would not get if you were living a healthy lifestyle..

    I am extremely overweight.. and some of it is due to my own actions and some of it is genetics. I work extremely hard to be the best person I can be and yes sometimes people do judge me when they shouldn’t. I think you need to take a step back and ask yourself why you had some a need to lash out over someone brave enough to express themselves honestly.

    The women pictures above are all beautiful in their own way.. I do not think it is bad to be obese… I think it is wrong to say that all obese people are completely healthy when although there are several that are… many others are slowly dieing because either they do not want to do what it takes to lose it.. or because (as with myself) no matter what they do,, what diet they use.. and how healthy/clean of a lifestyle they live the weight just packs on….

  • Humanswillbefree

    They may be nice people but, It is just plain disgusting! This glutoney is gross! These are people who have overinduldged themselves and that is what makes them hard to look at, because they have destroying and are destroying there temple. Sick!!

  • blondein_tokyo

    Nudity doesn’t equate to sexualization, and sexualization doesn’t equate to objectification.

  • Fat Valkyrie

    It’s ok for you to find fat bodies unattractive. It’s also ok for people with fat bodies to enjoy their bodies and have pictures taken of them.

  • Humanswillbefree

    I completely agree.

  • Fat Valkyrie

    Ppl who hate fat ppl so much should really sit down for a minute and seriously try to figure out why they hate ppl who look a certain way so much.

  • Nipuna

    facebook won’t allow sharing this anymore.

  • Femmedujour

    This is a display of Leonard Nimoy’s photography. I see works of art, not an attempt to talk about the health of fat women. I didn’t lash out, I simply questioned why there was an assumption that lovely photographs of women who are larger than what society generally deems acceptable would lead to a conclusion that fat women were going to bully anyone. Declaring that I am going to live my life to the fullest instead of continually apologizing for my size is not bullying. I do find it sad that any woman feels the need to declare, “I’m fat and it’s my fault and I’m so sorry for offending you eyes by displaying my fat.”

    Newsflash, not all slim people are attractive. Then there are those who have lovely exteriors but such vile personalities that they aren’t attractive regardless of weight. I take Mr. Nimoy’s work as celebrating diversity. We come in all shapes and sizes and all of us deserve respect and appreciate, and none of us should ever feel the need to apologize for how we look.

  • scott wilson

    This is awesome!!!! Love this shape on a women anyway!!!

  • Jana

    Ummm. That’s like saying the kid with glasses bullied the big jock into taking his lunch money and shoving his head on the toilet. A marginalized group being allowed to feel like human beings instead of some disgusting lump of garbage as they’ve been told they are… does not rob another person of being allowed to feel like a human being. Being afraid that fat women are going to bully other people because suddenly someone thinks they’re acceptable is absurd. What people are afraid of is that fat people will treat them like THEY TREAT FAT PEOPLE and if that’s the case, maybe they should be nicer. Because I can say unequivocally as a fat person that finally seeing body types like mine being talked about in a way that isn’t wrought with disgust does NOT, in fact, make me interested in “bullying” anybody…because I know what that is like…and I actually believe that people can be whatever they want and not have to be ridiculed for it.

    Learning to celebrate fat bodies or short bodies or lumpy bodies or waifish bodies or really any atypical bodies that are outside the mainstream beauty standard that we are FORCED to consume our entire lives isn’t an act of war. It’s just people being allowed to feel good about themselves no matter what skin sack they’re crammed in.

  • Kyrsten Smith

    Thank you Mr. Nimoy for this beautiful art and may you rest in peace. I am smiling as wide as the beauties above for seeing bodies like mine photographed as art and with pride.

  • act_on_love

    I am a compulsive eater. At times I’ve been in excellent shape and yet still wanted to lose just five more pounds, just one more inch off my belly… and now I am obese, 30 years later, and in exactly the same boat emotionally-except I now appreciate what I had: great health, and what I have now: reasonably good health, and a lot more self-confidence. I take care of myself, and if I catch self-hatred rising up, I recognize it for what it is, and let it go as quickly as possible. It’s only a defense mechanism… only turns out the spikes are on the inside, pointed toward my own flesh. Some defense 😀

    I would urge any woman to try finding a safe place to get support and an objective viewpoint on the body she actually has. I found it very healing to work as a figure model for artists. You might also consider finding a photographer to work with you.

    No matter your size – whether you are anorexic, fall into the mainstream idea of a healthy weight, or are obese: the camera doesn’t lie. It can show you both your beauty and your flaws, and record the moment in time where you are RIGHT NOW. Lovable, with nothing to fear. The truth is already there: willingness to look at it with love is an act of courage.

    These women are lively, have great chemistry and having a good time. That is beautiful, and it is a strong stand against self-hatred, which has to be one of the most useless emotions a human being could have.

  • Stargazer0001

    Coming from someone who is a size 4 (and worked hard to get there), I found the photos and the women depicted quite beautiful. I am reminded of some of Raphael’s paintings of voluptuous women in an era when being curvier was in trend. Part of these women’s beauty is their sheer confidence and comfort with their bodies – that in itself is very attractive. I don’t see that a skinny woman is any more beautiful than a larger woman, when I see women’s bodies depicted in this way. In fact, I’m starting to second guess all the constant attention to what I eat and how often I get to the gym. Outside of the fact that I feel good and have a lot of energy, I don’t think I’m any more beautiful at a size 4 than when I was 20 lbs heavier. True beauty has nothing to do with what is on the outside. I think I prefer being this weight because there is less wear and tear on my joints, heart, etc., especially being in my mid-50’s. But maybe I’ll have that slice of pizza once in a while and just enjoy it. Whether we choose to be slim or heavier, it all works out so much better when we love and accept ourselves exactly as we are. We must start there to be our best/healthiest selves. That doesn’t mean we can’t choose to change. But when change comes from self-loathing, it will not be a permanent change.

  • Tomasina Serveaux

    Are you not aware of the many goddess statues found from ancient societies, nearly all of them of very large women? It may be that extra body fat was something people could afford to have if they were particularly high-ranking and had access to the choicest foods. This has been true at many points in society. Just look at all those classical paintings of big, fat women who would be considered unhealthy in our time. You should take some time to look at photographs of people from many cultures around the world. You will see that that the waif-thin body type that is so revered in American culture is NOT the norm at all, with body types often encompassing everything that we would call “unhealthy” in our world.

    Oh, and I don’t know what you mean by people being “bullied” into understanding fat people as normal human beings with feelings. Those who are the most prejudiced will always complain the loudest that their rights are being damaged by the simple requirement that they treat others with respect, no matter their differences. If it’s okay for thin people to pose naked for photographs, why not fat people? Nobody shoved your face into the computer monitor, forcing you to look at them.

  • Betty Sumerlin

    I’m not overweight and never have been. I find these pictures beautiful art. Especially the ones with them frolicing so playfully and the circle with so much connection. As far as how the body looks. Well they each have completely different bodies. As a female, I guess some look better to me than others. I can also say that I also admire the female form. I admire Mr. Nimoy for creating this art. I would never have a book like this, however. Nor would I have one of nude anybody. Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it and I’m certain there are others that find this an excellent addition to a collection. As far as full figured women… I know many, love them lots. Most women have hang ups about their looks. Everyone deals with it differently. Some people say screw it and live it all the way!!! Looks like these were some of those women!

  • Cyn

    Mary, I have a real problem with a couple of parts part of your post. But one more so than the rest, specifically where you state: “I think there is something wired into our biology that instinctualy causes people to not see large people as attractive or healthy and maybe that’s due to concerns for offspring and survival rates as we obese do tend to struggle with health issues. ” — This is utterly ridiculous. Please educate yourself. The ‘accepted’ norm of beauty is in constant flux. There have been times in history when the full figure has not just been preferred but revered. Sculpted in marble, painted by masters, sought after by men and women alike, padded clothing to achieve the right curves in the right places. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder etc. etc. It is subjective. Often, in history, what we would consider obese would have been preferred over the thin and in fact taken as a sign of healthfulness. If this were ‘wired in our biology’ as you assert, these times in history would never have taken place…

  • Tomasina Serveaux

    Did you know that thin people can be just as malnourished as fat people? Americans’ diets are garbage, our food so heavily processed that it doesn’t even look like anything natural anymore, and then filled with all kinds of crap that was never meant to be part of the diet just to make the stuff palatable. We are like babies, willing to stick anything in our mouths if it tastes good. It is no wonder diseases run rampant in this country. Obesity is actually not one of our worst dietary problems.

  • alic jones

    Im a very tiny person i was tortured just as bad as the heavy kids in school. I dont see size i see heart and i see beauty and life

  • Rebecca Moss

    it does in this culture

  • Skip Leonardelli

    Leonard Nimoy. Lived long. Prospered. Respect and props, Sir!

  • Ade

    Rebecca, All the ailments you listed above are intrinsically tied to aging and not just to the obese. Bed sores, arthritis, yeast infections can happen to older persons of all sizes.

    As I indicated in my previous post, I am healthy over weight woman. In fact with a BMI of 41 I am considered morbidly obese. But because I exercise and eat wholesome food, I am very healthy. I don’t say so, empirical results as evidenced by my labs and check ups say so.

    So let’s please stop buying into stereotypes about fat people. Health is about our daily lifestyle choices and not size. If we don’t look at an average sized person and immediately assume that they aren’t healthy, then we shouldn’t do that to fat people either. U don’t know their exercise regimen nor eating habits nor their state of health.

    Further, ownership of one’s body intrinsically means that the person has the freedom to choose to do whatever they want with that body. So if they want to politicize that body to spark dialogue, they should be free to do so. If they want to keep it private then that’s their right. that’s what freedom is about.

  • Ade

    I am not sure why you would equate being obese with gluttony and excess. Do you have insider information on how these women live their lives, the quantity and quality of the food they eat and the amount of exercise they do for the week? If you don’t, then you’re just operating on baseless emotions and you should examine why you would have such a drastic response to a scene of larger women being naked forbthe world. Fyi, thin or average sized isn’t universally accepted either.

    No one is asking you to accept fat, but to have such a vicious reaction and then try to justify it based on concern for how they treat their ‘temple’ (which you know nothing about) needs further introspection on your part.

  • Mike Bowman

    This article disgust me. Geez people I bet all these women go to the doctors for some form of diabetes or high blood pressure. Everyone is beautiful but do you want to spend your life trapped by medicines, insurance bills, and doctors that keep roping you in for more drugs. Yes exercising is hard. Yes having a healthy lifestyle is hard. I understand. But when is enough enough? The obese promotion is getting out of hand. It’s NOT normal because out of 226 countries USA is the second fattest country. Mexico is first and Australia is 3rd. Most other countries do not have near as many obese people and surely don’t promote that overweight is beautiful. Where is the motivation to try to better yourself after reading articles like this? There is none. Deep down you’re not happy with yourself. Please I advise take care of yourself for you. Don’t be a follower, be a leader. Start support groups for people wanting to do something about their weight. Help each other out. That’s what humans do. That’s what I’m doing now for you. You don’t have to conform and buy into this fat is beautiful. Buy into healthy is beautiful so you can live a longer life for you and your family.

  • Ade

    Mike, it’s not an obese promotion. It’s about being proud of the body that you’re in at this moment. its about creating an opportunity to debunk myths associated with fat people for example the fact that persons think that all fat people are unhealthy. Which is just one of the myths that you’ve bought into. health has nothing to do with size but one’s lifestyle. There are thin and average persons who are facing some of the same challenges that you talked about in your post but no one thinks that they are disgusting. So stop pretending that your disgust stems from concern about these women’s health and really examine why you had such an acute negative reaction to naked fat women

  • pi31415

    My body is mine. It is the one thing that is supremely mine. I do want my husband to find it attractive, and I want to be free and healthy enough to do what I want to do. But beyond that — not my problem. If someone on the street, in a store or elsewhere finds me unattractive because I have large thighs or a soft stomach, what of it? It is not my job (or any other woman’s, for that matter) to be their eye candy. My body may no longer be beautiful enough to be in Playboy, but it IS beautiful enough for my husband to wrap his arms around me reveling in each soft, curved spot and it IS beautiful enough that my children love snuggling against me at the end of a long day. Strangers don’t have to like it. My body isn’t for them.

    And I honestly don’t get how displaying this book would be bullying anyone into anything. My home is for my family and me. While I do want to be gracious to guests in my home, I also shouldn’t have to create a sterile environment simply to avoid offending people who may find the mere existence of fat to be deeply disturbing.

  • pi31415

    I’m going to assume you have a magic ball that lets you see inside each woman’s body to decide if she’s healthy or not because that is the only way you can decide these women all have health problems. You may not be aware of it, but our genes play a bigger role in our health than the number on the scale alone.

    At any rate, you don’t know WHY someone is fat. Certainly they could simply eat too much and exercise too little. And that is solely their choice, btw. They could also have a chronic health problem that is treated with obesogenic drugs, that doesn’t allow them to exercise the way they want or need to or that causes other problems interfering with their ability to maintain a healthy weight. Or they could have genetic factors associated with excess weight. A recent study even showed that it isn’t as simple as calories in/calories out. Our bodies have set points that they struggle to remain at regardless of what we’re doing. That’s why some people stay thin even though they are eating a horrible diet and some people struggle like crazy to lose even five pounds.

    It’s fine that you don’t find fat people attractive. You don’t have to find *anyone attractive. But it’s not fine that you seem to expect the world to revolve around your sexual preferences. It doesn’t work like that, and it shouldn’t work like that. These women may not have bodies that are considered beautiful to society. What they do have is joy inside — a type of beauty that really cannot be faked. That’s something worth celebrating, imo.

  • Jennifer Colleton

    A few years ago, I developed a condition that made me gain weight at an extreme rate. I cut back on my food, worked out, but it didn’t work. None of the diets worked. In order to regain my figure, I have to work out 2-3 hours at the gym every other day, give up all sugar, eat very small meals mainly of fruit and meat. It’s a difficult lifestyle to embrace, but I have no choice. Even at that, I am still what some would consider, a little overweight. It’s coming off at a rate of 1lb per month now, and if I give in to even one regular meal, likely what you enjoy, “Humanswillbefree”(ironic name of one who says such a thing), I can regain 3-5lbs in only a few days. So, while some might be gluttonous, you are being quite judging. What matters is what is on the inside. And if you think this is gross….why click on the page?

  • Serena Simi

    Some of you guys are just trolls with good vocabulary. Ms. Martinez is LIVING at 311 pounds- not a single one of you are in any place to determine what kind of lifestyle choices she makes, and what you are doing is EXACTLY the bullying to which she refers. “You can’t possibly be unhealthy because you’re fat, it must be your lifestyle.” ARE YOU JOKING?

    Me, overweight, almost always: winded taking stairs, chest pains on light exertion.
    Me, for a few months at a rare size 8: able to jog.

    WHAT IS HEALTHY? I think “able to jog” is it.

    I am fat now, I will always BE fat, but I choose not to be delusional. This is NOT the healthiest way to live.

    Also, fertility goddess sculptures? We these cultures examples in say, the field of human sacrifice?

    Furthermore, classical art DOES feature better rounded women then those we see in modern advertising, maybe, but they were ROUNDED, not obese. Note a lot of thin arms, and belly creases, not flaps.

    Yes, I DO miss size 8. NO, I do NOT loathe myself. I am most certainly clear of the smell of BS on my own upper lip.

    Rude, psycho bullies.

  • Serena Simi

    Some of you guys are just trolls with good vocabulary. Ms. Martinez is LIVING at 311 pounds- not a single one of you are in any place to determine what kind of lifestyle choices she makes, and what you are doing is EXACTLY the bullying to which she refers. “You can’t possibly be unhealthy because you’re fat, it must be your lifestyle.” ARE YOU JOKING?

    Me, overweight, almost always: winded taking stairs, chest pains on light exertion.
    Me, for a few months at a rare size 8: able to jog.

    WHAT IS HEALTHY? I think “able to jog” is it.

    I am fat now, I will always BE fat, but I choose not to be delusional. This is NOT the healthiest way to live.

    Also, fertility goddess sculptures? Were these cultures examples in say, the field of human sacrifice and basic hygiene? Good pyramids, but as far as morality and taste go- welllll….

    Furthermore, classical art DOES feature better rounded women then those we see in modern advertising, maybe, but they were ROUNDED, not obese. Note a lot of thin arms, and belly creases, not flaps.

    Fat as a sign of wealth? No, fat as a sign of poverty, unable to afford healthy food choices, in 2015.

    Yes, I DO miss size 8. NO, I do NOT loathe myself. I am most certainly clear of the smell of BS on my own upper lip.

    Rude, psycho bullies.

  • Serena Simi


  • Serena Simi

    You ask rude, condescending questions which take a lot of liberty with how Ms. Martinez must feel about herself. Read your original post.

    Mary, you have a problem. (NOT BULLYING?) Fat people aren’t bullying anyone; we are fat and we exist, and anyone with a problem with my size is the one with a problem. (OVERGENERALIZING- not all skinny girls are hot, and yes, some fat people bully. Sometimes the problem isn’t with your size, it is with your manners.) Your self-loathing is sad. You are the only one who is bullying and defensive. Why are you so damn apologetic about being fat? (Can you really say you have a right to analyze her? Self loathing? Sad? Bullying? “DAMN APOLOGETIC?”)

    You are rude, and your comment is an EXCELLENT example of the point Ms. Martinez was making.

  • Serena Simi

    Glad I got in first- in my post I commented it wouldn’t last long on FB…

    Really good work, what a shame.

  • Humanswillbefree

    I beg to differ, when you have to cut people out of their homes, I think you could agree it has gone too far. I know it is just a choice to look how you want to look as far as weight goes. You can put junk in your mouth or natural whole foods in your mouth, the choice is always yours. Promoting this is promoting exactly the unhealthy foods you claim are garbage. These people in these pictures are inhaling those foods with a recklessness, not ever seen in human history. It is appalling anyone is trying to make this okay and normalize it. This is Gluttony x1000. It will never be accepted.

  • Serena Simi

    You ought to research evolutionary psychology a little, and what *actually* makes people tick.

  • UwishUwereBlack

    I was once 250 pounds and stood 5’5 which means that I was OBESE. What motivated me to lose weight was the fact that I couldn’t get off the couch without scooting to the edge. Then, I started working in a nursing home and I realized that 70% of chronic illnesses are directly related to the foods we eat . Finally, I went to cedar point and couldn’t fit into the seat to ride. It’s harder to say, “okay I’m gonna eat healthy” than it is to just accept it and pretend to be content and satisfied with buying size 20 or 44 jeans . Nobody and I do mean NOBODY is happy or comfortable being obese. Socially, mentally, emotionally and physically, it’s just not healthy and it diminishes your lifestyle tremendously. I been there so I know it’s not easy and it’s still a struggle but it CAN be done.

  • Mochi

    This is beautiful. <3 Thank you, Leonard.

  • Barry

    What the fuck did I just look at and what the fuck are you weirdos in the comments babbling about?

  • spookiewon

    Increasingly, science is wiping out the idea that many obese people can “do what what it takes to lose it.” You say it yourself. “…because (as with myself) no matter what they do,, what diet they use.. and how healthy/clean of a lifestyle they live the weight just packs on….”

    And yet, a tremendous amount of bullying goes on towards fat women, some of whom, like yourself, are being bullied because of something outside their control. You cannot tell anything about a person’s health habits by looking at their body. So why is it okay to hurl insults at them?

    You admit that no diet or lifestyle seems to make you thin, yet you also seem to see fat as a failure in some way. Nimoy’s project was intended to allow women of all sizes to celebrate who they are, and that is a healthy thing. What is unhealthy is seeing yourself as having failed when you did not.

  • spookiewon

    I know we’re not “hard wired” to see fat people as unattractive. Throughout history, what size body has been considered beautiful has changed many times. There were times in human history when our supermodels would have been considered unattractive and these women, in these photographs, the height of beauty; much more beautiful than the tall, very slender, fashion models of today.

  • Usagi-chan

    It’s happened. :<

    I've at least observed it it on Facebook.

  • spookiewon

    When I read a misinformed comment like this there is an admiration for the courage involved in posting without bothering to know the facts, there is no physical attraction, and there is a bit of sadness about the ignorance.

    That you have no physical attraction is irrelevant. Likely you have no physical attraction to lots of people who are not fat. I, personally, am a lesbian. Fat or thin, tall or short, healthy or unhealthy, I have no physical attraction to men. Around half the population doesn’t have a physical attraction to men. This is no different. I cannot deny that some men are beautiful, despite my lack of physical attraction. Beauty =/= physical attraction.

  • spookiewon

    Most of the women in Rubens’ paintings were not rounded, they were fat. They didn’t have curves, they had rolls. Like the women in these photographs. They were considered ultimate beauty.

    Standards change. These women are beautiful. Aside from the one who died of ovarian cancer, we have no idea about their health.

  • spookiewon

    Every woman owns her body, not just feminists. Every woman decides for herself whether or not to pose nude. Adding more nude art doesn’t need to help pay disparity, and I disagree that nudity sexualizes anyone.

    More art, and nudes are art, only enriches society.

  • spookiewon

    No. It doesn’t.

  • spookiewon

    Many women of all sizes obsess about body image, and society’s image of them. I have a beautiful niece who is a size 1, who was a 00 until she hit 25 or so. She just doesn’t gain weight, and it bothers her a lot. She faced bullying in high school because of her extreme thinness, and it made her a vocal critic of societal standards of beauty.

  • spookiewon

    I’m right with you except for the camera showing your flaws. How we are is not a flaw.

    I’m a photographer, BTW.

  • spookiewon

    Excuse me? You don’t get to decide who is happy or comfortable.

  • disqus_riPxVfxV4U

    A slender woman smoking a cigarette used to be seen as sexy and wod have been on billboards….that is not healthy either….and more plump women I. Medieval days was much sexier than slender…..if these pics were on billboards….and thenr openly saught after by men not only would it be more acceptable but peoples social preferences would start to change too…just as they were different in medieval times and when smoking was desirable.

  • ABazor

    I have seen this collection before, and I never cease to be more amazed at the talent and vision of Mr Leonard Nimoy. His passing is a loss for the world, and I hope his teachings will continue to be shared by his fans for many, many years to come.

    That being said, media is paid for by corporations. Corporations make their money off of telling the public “there is something wrong with you” or “something is broken” and you “NEED” to fix it to fit in. This, is a fact. It doesn’t matter what that “something” is. You’re too overweight. Too tall. Too skinny. Too short. Your face is too square. Your eyes are sunken in. You’re missing a finger or a limb. You’re balding. Your hair is red/blonde/black. Your lips or nose are too big/too small. You have too hairy arms, or huge eyebrows.

    Don’t you see? It doesn’t matter whether everyone is a size 6 or not. These corporations will always go out of their way to convince the public that something needs fixing, so they will buy whatever the corporations are selling to satisfy that “need”. Models are paid by corporations to be the visual triggers for the rest of the world to hit this point home. People are becoming less capable of thinking for themselves, and do what their TV/the Internet tells them to. And this doesn’t stop at just women and teenage girls. It happens to men. It happens to boys. And – sad to say – we adults have given children enough visual examples to make sure it happens with children as well… including ALL the way DOWN to being a toddler.

    How on Earth do we get to a point where we are an ideal, caring, and compassionate society, when the media and its portrayal of corporate ideals are what so many in our current age WORSHIP as the ideal? And so many people from early childhood are taught that we should share these opinions with others, and “spread the message” of beauty/whatever it might be.

    Children learn from what they see others do…. not so much from what others say. Be a kind individual in front of your kids. Help others. Use kind words, facial expressions, and body language. Stand up for those who need it. Always be conscientious, mindful, and present in your own life. Question what you’ve been told, but be polite and kind about it. THESE are the most important lessons you can EVER teach those young children around you — and no, you do not have to be a parent to influence children. They see you when you walk past them on the street, or when you’re at the same grocery store, or out to eat at the same restaurant!

  • Maisa Rimi

    I loved Nimoy so much. I found 5 favorite Leonar Nimoy video clips here

  • Fat Valkyrie

    Ok whatevs you hated being fat. I’m fat too. I’m not happy about it, maybe other women are they get to be and you saying that’s impossible doesn’t make it so.


    These pictures are not about whether or not being fat is healthy. They are about showing fat women enjoying their bodies. Whatever size or shape you are bodies can do wonderful pleasurable things and it’s ok to enjoy that even if you are not happy with how it looks or some of the ways it feels to you. Everyone should be allowed to enjoy their own bodies even if they’re not perfect. Even in a world that hates us and tell us we’re not supposed to do that.

  • Tracy Carnahan

    I don’t know about all these comments. I choose to see this work as a celebration of self. I spent my early life as a skinny person in a fat family. Ten years ago that change. I got lung disease and as it progressed, slowly but surly, with meds and less mobility, packed on the pounds. I am now 5′ 2″ and 191 lbs.. My experiences with people have changed in direct proportions. With each pound I’ve gained I have become dumber, slower and more invisible to the people I encounter in daily life. I am educated but the cashier acts like she has supeior deductive powers. I have many years experience in my field but a newbie will act as if they literally cannot hear my voice when I have a solution. It is shocking to me but there it is.

  • Fat Valkyrie

    People with fat bodies get to enjoy their bodies. People who don’t eat right get to enjoy their bodies. Unhealthy people get to enjoy their bodies. People who don’t exercise get to enjoy their bodies. People with bodies you find unattractive get to enjoy their bodies.

    The disgust and hatred that people direct towards fat bodies only hurts them and makes them less likely to lose weight. there’s research that proves this.

    People don’t even have to want to lose weight to deserve respect. People don’t even have to “Buy into healthy is beautiful” to deserve respect.

    Fat is not a moral issue, but how you treat fat people is.

  • metaliz

    I appreciate the photographer’s project, aim and talent. There IS something wrong with our obsession with weight. Like some have said, the mere attention on women’s bodies has gone to a ridiculous level. I do not think there is anything wrong with having a few extra pounds of weight on, and it may even help us in times of being sick or times when we cannot eat enough because we have more stored energy.
    However I see a lot of people commenting that obesity does not equal being unhealthy. While some obese people are not unhealthy while being obese, they ARE at risk for a whole bunch of different conditions that they would not be at risk for if they weren’t obese. I am a health researcher, health coach and dietetics student, I have a best friend in medical school who talks to me about what she sees and learns all the time, and seeing the research that I have seen out there now and also witnessing and working with those who have weight-induced hypertension/high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, etc. – there are so many of them and due to that I am sorry but I would never say that having a large amount of extra weight on is healthy. Some people are so overweight they cannot walk very far, there is too much pressure on their knees, etc. It is a huge risk and it is also difficult on your organs – especially your heart. It often causes your heart to have to work extra hard and you can easily develop respiratory problems. There are mounds of research from the medical community on this subject and have met many people with health complications solely due to being that overweight – nothing else. If you were to go to medical school for a month and see how complicated and intricate the human body is, how easily things could potentially go wrong, how interconnected everything is…you would begin to easily see how that much extra weight could have an effect on your body in a myriad of different ways including your heart, loss of proper vein function, high triglycerides, clogged arteries, the way your body processes sugar, your digestive system, etc.
    That doesn’t mean that all obese people are unhealthy, but the fact that it puts you at risk for so many problems is not a good thing. These risks are real and so many people are in denial over them.

  • Mike Bowman

    I have nothing wrong with a bunch of fat people dancing around. Big deal. I am concerned with people’s health as much as you may think I do not. But it’s a blatant article telling people to be happy and beautiful in the skin you’re in. While I understand the basis it’s the real message presented…which is…don’t care about your weight issue. There’s no scientific fact proving obesity is healthy. We know for a fact it’s a major health risk. Articles like this only promote for you to continue to stay unhealthy and be lazy and do nothing to help yourself. My brother is obese. I had to have a talk with him and tell him the realities of me going to his funeral before him attending mine. That is the reality. Kids read this article too you know. What message is that portraying to them? All I’m asking is take a step back and really think of the damage this article does. It harms more than it does good.

  • Femmedujour

    Serena this is bullying. You are a self-righteous, ignorant woman who apparently believes that photographs of large woman will lead to us bullying others. Are you speaking from personal experience? If so, I’m sorry that fat women have bullied you and made you feel as if you have no right to exist. I would never bully you based on your body size, however, I do question the size of your brain. (That’s bullying.)

  • Fat Valkyrie

    These photos are not about whether or not fat is healthy. They are about fate women being able to enjoy and celebrate their bodies. People are allowed to enjoy and celebrate their bodies even if they’er not healthy even if the like them or don’t like them even if other people hate them.
    These photos are not about moralizing about fat.

  • metaliz

    Yeah, I was acknowledging my appreciation for the photos, but as I had stated in my comment, what I was writing was more directed towards others’ comments, not the project itself.

  • Fat Valkyrie

    Showing ppl that it’s ok to enjoy existing no matter how they look does not do more harm than good. Our entire culture tells fat ppl that they can’t enjoy life because they’re fat. That does more harm than good and that’s not ok.

  • Fat Valkyrie

    Yeah but maybe this isn’t the place for your moralizing and do you honestly think fat people haven’t heard the things you felt so compelled to say already?

  • metaliz

    Well I am allowed to respond to comments that are talking about this subject already with my opinion. I can tell you don’t like my opinion; so ignore it. Many people may have heard it, but many other people are also completely in denial over the fact of the matter and claim that obesity is a healthy state. You can be healthy while obese, but that doesn’t mean you are not at risk and that doesn’t mean it is a good idea to be obese. I already stated I appreciate the fact that people are learning to accept their bodies. But I see countless people with grim health outlooks that are completely unwilling to do anything about it. If anything, my intention is to help people.

  • Fat Valkyrie

    “Bla bla bla I don’t like fat but if I disguise my distaste as concern people won’t call me out on it.”

  • metaliz

    Okay…. my opinion is way more than “I don’t like fat.” What does that even mean? My belief is that I do not think obesity is an ultimately healthy state. If you want to take my opinion as something else, go ahead.

  • Mike Bowman

    Ok eat more. The doctors and big pharma love spokes people like you. Show everyone that this is normal and accept it and be happy. As I mentioned before, everyone us beautiful but how beautiful will you be dead due to obesity related problems?

  • Fat Valkyrie

    A lengthy concern trolling post doesn’t change it being concern trolling.

  • metaliz

    How do you know I haven’t been fat before? Why would I work in dietetics and as a health coach if I didn’t care? Lol. I don’t even know what you are arguing against. That obesity is healthy?

  • Caryn

    Totally, totally love this. Does someone know what year this was done? Just purely out of curiosity.

  • thickmom

    Do think this promotes heart disese,over eating,lack of self control, and diabeties?

  • Mike Bowman

    Eating healthy is most of a diet but exercise needs to happen also. The common notion that eating healthy for a week or even a month or even 3 months when you’re 200 lbs overweight you will not see that much of a difference. It has been proven chemicals in food stall your metabolism. But in order to speed up your metabolism you need to move and be active. Sitting on a couch eating healthy isn’t being active. That’s just fact. The weight will come off. There are many stories of people being obese their whole life and finally took a stand for themselves. Their stories weren’t taken place over 1 month but over a year or two. So it’s a commitment. It’s a tough commitment. But it’s much easier to write an article about being beautiful in your skin that actually pysically doing something about it. 65% of America is overweight….not obese but overweight. In 20 years the study finds that a possible 95% of our population will be overweight. This isn’t a gene thing….it’s the ability to exercise self control and stay away from fast food and processed food. 85% of our food supply has refined sugar in it. Sugar is cosidered an addictive drug. I know I love sweets. But I don’t buy Oreos every trip to the grocery store as much as I would love to and I can afford to buy every pack if I wanted, but I dont. If it’s just buying an exercise bike and doing 10 miles a day while you watch your favorite show is doing something. Biking is very low resistance on the body.

  • Fat Valkyrie

    Fat ppl can still concern troll other fat ppl. If you don’t know what concern trolling is I suggest google.

  • Fat Valkyrie

    It’s ok to be happy with the body you have even if you would like for it to change. It’s ok to not hate your very existence and enjoy your body even if you are not aesthetically pleasing to others.

  • metaliz

    Honestly you are just being defensive.

  • Fat Valkyrie

    “I’m *this* so I couldn’t possibly be concern trolling other people who are *this* because I am *this* I’m just sharing important information and trying to educate, because science, and you’re just being defensive if you disagree”

  • metaliz

    And you’re just spouting off a bunch of shit for no apparent reason

  • Fat Valkyrie

    “I don’t like your words, so I’m gonna say you’re spouting shit.”

  • metaliz

    I have had both a family member and a close friend die very young from heart attacks due to being obese and having diabetes and heart disease. So I have a good reason for an opinion in the matter, and a reason for doing what I do. Thanks for all your valuable input. Good talk.

  • Fat Valkyrie

    “You hurt my feeling by disagreeing with me, so I’m going to try to make you feel guilty with my dead relatives. Toodles”

  • metaliz

    Your responses are humorous, but I still don’t get the point

  • Fat Valkyrie

    “I don’t understand why ppl don’t like being splained to”

  • metaliz

    I agree, all good arguments should consist of the other person interpreting and twisting the other’s words based on how that person is perceiving them in order to keep their wall up

  • Fat Valkyrie

    “I don’t like being paraphrased because when you do that it show that I was being a jerk. I’m only trying to educate!”

  • metaliz

    you got the best jokes john

  • Fat Valkyrie

    “I call the things I said jokes when they make me sound like a jerk.”

  • metaliz

    I like peppercorns and cat toys

  • Julia Krauss

    Leonard was one of a kind.. We have lost a beautiful soul.. RIP Spock. You walked your talk.

  • Lalita Pradeep

    My young age memory of any hi-tech animated visual was nothing but Star Wars, as it is for many falling in my age bracket……and Leonard Nimoy remained my all time stunning man as Spock.
    This celebration of Nudity is creatively so unique, difficult to ignore the deep sense of respect for women who suffer the complex of “not looking so-beautiful” as die with the same feeling. Their actions are pro guided by deep rooted insecurity. How untouched we stay from the deep sense of our own heroes…..!!!
    Mr Leonard Nimoy…My Spock…Our Spock…!! May God bless your soul to rest in peace.

  • tearcollector

    Vile and unattractive!

  • UwishUwereBlack

    Nobody is happy or comfortable being fat. Sorry. I don’t care what anyone says because If they had the option to be skinny, they would. What it comes down to is that most people just don’t want to eat healthy and exercise. Unless your impoverished and reside in a food desert, there are no excuses for obesity. Generically speaking or otherwise.. There are no healthy OBESE people. There just isn’t. How can you be comfortable with fat blocking their arteries? How can one be happy about barely being able to clear a flight of stairs? How can one be happy OR comfortable if their extra weight is causing them to stop breathing during the night?

  • UwishUwereBlack

    I get that, I get it, I do. But…. as a former fatty, I know what it’s like to feel the NEED to be accepted by society . I know what it’s like to not want to be the negative fat girl and to pretend that I’m happy and comfortable with my size and that I just LOVE all my rolls and fat when I look in the mirror. What I didn’t realize then was that the only person that needed to like and love my body was me and to me, these pictures are still campaigning for acceptance. I also had to realize that larger bodies would never be mainstream, a source of supposed normalcy or deemed as universally “attractive” and once I did, I did what I had to do in order to lose weight because the world just doesn’t care about WHY your fat. As vibrant of a personality as I had, as fun of a person as I was, as sociable and relate able as I was, I was invisible and often passed over throughout life because of my weight. I lost weight and the entire world started to treat me different, they started to treat me better. As messed up as it is, as sad as it is, as shallow as it is, THIS IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN. No time for tears. Blacks are still being lynched for their skin color, gays are still being killed for their sexual preference and old people still are dead last as candidates for employment. Really, I can go on all day about how unfair life is but I won’t. You either take the necessary steps to improve your quality of life or you don’t but if not, you can’t expect tears or sympathy from the rest of the world because it’s a cold one.

  • Eeyore

    How about “you are TOO THIN!” Or “you need to gain weight!” Or “real women have curves”. Or men don’t want skin and bones.” “Men want something to hold on to”. “Who would want to be with a stick??” Yes I’ve heard and seen all these things said to women. Because it’s socially acceptable now to shame skinny women but not fat women. I see it OFTEN. How about how the rules about nudity don’t apply to fat women for some reason?? If you have to get power by putting someone else down, it isn’t worth it.

  • Humanswillbefree

    Stop eating animal products and eat only fruits and vegetables….look up the 80/10/10 book or look up raw foods. I clicked on the page because it is like watching an accident on the road, you know it might be sick but you slow down to look anyway. I have a friend, she is 340lbs and she has a great attitude, you can feel she wants to lose weight though. Society treats her horribly, like on planes, park rides, etc.

  • Fat Valkyrie

    I don’t fucking want sympathy I just want ppl to knowledge that fat ppl are fucking allowed to exist and enjoy the same pleasure that any one else can and hating fat ppl for existing is fucking wrong.
    Campaigning for acceptance is exactly how things have gotten better for other groups of ppl who are hated and it shouldn’t stop until ppl know that only dicks hate fat ppl just because they’re fat
    I personally don’t even try to pretend I love my rolls but I do try to like and enjoy my body because it does a lot of good things for me. It snuggles my husband and my pet, it takes me places it needs to go, it feels pleasure. Those are good things and it would be wrong to hate something that does all that for me.
    Obviously that was not your experience with being fat was traumatic for you and I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t project that onto to other

  • angeline

    I was censored and had my post deleted by Facebook when I posted this! These women are so beautiful. Facebook that was disgusting and misogynistic of you. It saddens me that anyone sees this art for anything else than what it is – beautiful.

  • act_on_love

    You are right, and it shows how far I still have to go. :-)

    I am going to try thinking of it as “beauty in all its nuances”.

    Beauty is still, in a sense, a judgment. Maybe acceptance of reality does not truly see beauty, just sees what is, with love. I’m learning as I go.

  • Hazel May Lebrun

    We’re absolutely not hard wired to see fat people as unattractive. It is media driven. Years ago, fat women were actually the ones desired. At different times in history if you look at the art and the history, different body types, heights, weights, etc have been ‘the norm’ or ‘the accepted standard’. It varies. By today’s standards, Marilyn Monroe was plus size and Cindy Crawford would not be considered thin enough. That is starting to change.

    I would like to see a variety of sizes and types of women represented as acceptable. There is no one size fits all or one age fits all or one hair colour, eye colour, skin colour etc. Wider variety in representation would be better. It would sell more product too because if some of the women out there are my size or your size… you’re going to think, “Hey, I could wear that.” Get a clue, Media and Fashion Industry.

    Leonard Nimoy championed women’s rights for his entire career. He really was a feminist extraordinaire… even making sure they paid Nichelle Nichols equally on Star Trek because they weren’t at first and he made it happen. Love this photographic project. No, I wouldn’t be that brave to pose like those women did, but I’m glad he showed larger women in a respectful, artful and beautiful light.

  • Nicole Lasher

    The science of psychology is not presented in a social vacuum any more than any other. There was a time when Africans, and the Irish and others were scientifically presented as inferior to Anglo-saxons, but this was definitely not true. Whatever pseudo-science is now being used to “prove” people who look a certain way are inferior is just as much a lie as racial superiority theories.

  • Vern Johnson

    My God that is awful.

  • Mike Frizell

    I love it, it breaks all the stupid rules and it is so beautiful.

  • William N. Joyce

    This was a wonderful project Leonard Nimroy did. He showed that women
    can be comfortable in their own skin and be happy. There are people who
    like different ethnicities and different body types and other physical
    traits. I am for the big girls all the way. I have no shame in saying
    that I like fat/overweight women. Fat is just a 3 letter word. The media
    makes it out to be such a bad thing, when Hollywood is more washed up
    than anything. I think fat women have the prettiest faces and the
    softest skin and it even makes you look younger. Yes, fat smoothes out
    wrinkles and it’s not all that bad as people make it out to be.

    too much fat can be a bad thing when you can’t get out of the bed, but a little fat here and there never
    hurt anyone. I mean look at the # of plus size actresses in Hollywood.
    Hollywood is more about what you look like and not how you act. The
    music scene atleast is not nearly as sadistic. I mean Hollywood even
    called Jennifer Lawrence fat and she is healthy and gorgeous! I support
    my overweight/fat/curvy women and always will and they look gorgeous in
    bikinis. 😀

  • Femmedujour

    Perfectly said, Jana.

  • Florian Becquereau

    We can always make generalizations.

    Maybe we need to define unhealthy, define fat and obese, and for sure shedding more light on social pressure is important.

    I do think it’s unhealthy to weigh 300 lbs. I’m sure that there’s a small proportion of 300 lbs women who are healthy.

    But why is the obesity rate around 30% of the population in the US and 3% in Japan? Is it the genes? Were the obesity rates that high in the US 70 years ago?

    Sure there will be a few exceptions which will explain a few cases of healthy and natural obesity. But for the most part I believe it has to do with things such as unhealthy food, loneliness, depression, and pollution (ie. pollution of the air or water impairing certain organ functions).

  • Florian Becquereau

    Interesting point.

    I find lots of women attractive. And there’s a fairly high correlation between the beauty I see in these women and the attraction I have for them.

    I have no problem trusting that for you, beauty and physical attraction don’t correlate (much or at all).

    I suspect that it’s a very common difference between men and women. In short men are attracted to hips and boobs, and women are attracted to strength and confidence. That would explain the correlation for men, or lack thereof for women.

    Attraction for me is not black and white, I’m not either 100% attracted or 0% attracted to women, but overall I can be quite attracted to all kinds of women, and fat, above a certain point, becomes the main thing that kills the attraction. Skin problems is probably number #2. And on average I tend to be more attracted to women with longer hair, which would be my distant #3 criteria. Other than that I would find the large majority of women attractive.

    After that first impression, usually based on beauty (at least my own definition), a woman who’s super shallow, or very difficult/picky, or a jerk, or stupid, can easily turn me off.

    I’m not asking anybody to agree with me. I’m just sharing from my personal experience. I’m just sharing the voice of a guy here.

  • Harry Minot

    Nimoy’s work in that realm was important and helpful. And now it has, in the wake of his “passing”, achieved greater exposure. But then the comments are posted. They include simple hatred, “concern” trolling, the self-appointed “experts”, and those who have internalized the oppression.

  • Harry Minot
  • Mary P Gilmour

    Your ‘attraction’ to any body type is totally irrelevant to this discussion.

  • Michelle Della Pelle

    wow!!! I didnt know that he did photography artist… Live long and prosper, ….Mr. Spock….. RIP

  • Christina Smith

    I think that is cool . I have been obese all my life. I never have been comfortable in my own skin I still really am not . It really does shows that every woman is beautiful regardless of their shape or size of their body or even their skin color. This will courage many women to be comfortable in there skin. Just like one of the other people have said that we only have one life with one body so why not be comfortable with it. But rip Leonard.

  • Barb

    Being a bit on the wild and crazy side, I would have loved to have been a part of this. So glad he did this and love him even more for it. #RIPSPOCK.

  • kat

    After reading your above message, i just want to say you are right and wrong… not all people are fat because they eat to much or sit on there butts. there are other reasons, i personally have my own battles, i am a diabetic, i walk daily and do not eat sweets or sugar and am 250 lbs. I use insulin to keep my blood sugars regulated, for your information insulin makes a person fatter… so the bike will help keep me in shape it will not make me thin, should i give up now and die, should my life not be worth living because people like you think less of me because I am fat and maybe lazy? or should I continue to love myself, be happy and live my life to the fullest and keep my distance from people like you…. and yes some people are fat do to a GENE thing…

  • Rebecca Elliss

    I am amazed at the beauty of these women. I am saddened by the loss of a great man. He brought out the best in many people.

  • Andrea Gwyn

    At one time large women were considered more beautiful, because it represented wealth, I am also a big woman although due to health concerns I am not as big as I used to be, I am a little under 5’5″ and was up to 320lbs at one time, I am now down to 260, I do feel better but still feel far from sexy. I do know how you feel although I have a very loving man that sees every inch of me as sexy, when he tells me so I do not believe him, but I am glad he thinks that way.

  • Andrea Gwyn

    I understand you there, I have always been big in highschool I weighed 230 pounds when I graduated, looking back I was beautiful for that weight, This picture was me at 17 and somewhere between 220 and 230lbs, I used to look in the mirror and tell myself how ugly I was, I always thought I must be ugly no one ever asked me to go to the dances with them, took a long time for me to realize the problem was not me it was other people. Until recently when my body decided to turn diabetic on me I was healthy, especially for my weight which surprised doctors who were constantly checking for heart and cholesterol problems. I even had one doctor that I refused to see after the second time, he told me I am diabetic because I am fat, he was rude very rude with the way he said it, I even lodged an official complaint with the office manager. It took a long time before I could look in the mirror and see I am not that ugly, it is people like Leonard Nimoy that has helped with the fight of BBW that makes it easier, also beautiful women like Melissa McCarthy and Gabourey Sidibe that makes a huge difference in the acceptance of big beautiful women.

  • kahy

    I am a too skinny woman. I hear all of the above. I used to be offended as I am with “fat” comments. I see women as curvy. There is beauty in those curves. I once told a bra maker I wanted cleavage. and she (a large breasted woman) told me I would never have cleavage and they won’t be sitting on your lap either. so accept who you are…that will never change…the outside doesn’t matter…there are plenty of men who love you the way you are…

  • MadameChintoa

    Spoken like a person with no health problems and no weight problems and no money problems, you are being very condescending and quite frankly just ignorant.

  • MadameChintoa

    You need a better education. Fat used to be a sign of wealth because you could afford enough to eat and didn’t have to work yourself to skin and bone. Fertility goddesses have nothing to do with human sacrifice and “basic hygiene”…what?

  • noah

    It’s not that I don’t think people who are bigger aren’t attractive. Its that medically (if they are not suffering from a thyroid problem or an underlying cause) being overweight is not healthy. Skinny fat (where someone may look thin but inside are very unhealthy) is also a problem. Being overweight leads to diabetes, heart disease, strokes, a sometimes in extreme cases a lower quality of life. In case of overweight women who are pregnant this can lead to complications in birth and can even loose the baby. It is ALSO not good to be too thin. people need to refocus and realize what healthy living (while having fun) is. A well balanced person depends on a lot of factors from bone structure to hormone levels. BMI shouldn’t be what people go on. You should live your life eating a balanced diet (proportions) and exercise 3-4 times a week for 30 mins. So for me it isn’t how they look fat or skinny that should be attractive. Its how do you live your life, how do you treat your body (do you love it by giving it what it needs with food, rest and exercise?) that makes someone beautiful. If they know how to take care and treat themselves right then doesn’t that make them beautiful? I like to think yes.

  • Cpt_Justice

    Fat women will use this book to bully people?? So standing up to bullying is now bullying?

    Not sure I want to live on this planet anymore…

  • Duck Holland

    can anyone say diabetes and heart disease? Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but unhealthy is not

  • Amy Williams

    In reading through some of the comments, I am saddened. I could very easily be one of the women in these photo’s. Their confidence is the most beautiful thing! I am awed by Mr Nimoy’s art, his choice to show the human form in all it’s shapes and size was a courageous and glorious decision! Yet so many comments are defensive. Love yourself from the inside out. The rest will follow.

  • Connie Brown

    I really think that we as a society care too much about weight in general. We were all made beautiful. We all need to learn to accept ourselves. Be healthy at any weight. Big girls can be healthy too as well as the thinner girls. Now I am plump like a grape. God made women beautiful. We need to embrace every curve and love ourselves. No matter what. Leondard Nemoy was one of the most memorable actors on Star Trek and apparently he had a rich beautiful soul. RIP Mr. Spock.

  • Connie Brown

    Some people have medical issues that no matter how much exercise and eating right they cant get thin. Hypothyroidism for instance slows your metabolism to nothing. Fat doesn’t always mean you eat a bunch of junk and your too lazy to exercise. Maybe if you suffered from such ailments as that you would understand.

  • Benjamin Johnson

    Truthful: I understand your struggles with trying to find some way to lose weight. What was finally the kicker for me was reading a book called “your body believes every word you tell it”. I’m sure that when you look at the scale after a week of working hard and it doesn’t go down, you tell yourself horrible things. Maybe even something as simple as “this is bullshit, whats the point?”
    When we say these things to ourselves it instantly causes our body to shut down any expulsion of waste, and if anything it works harder to keep it as the body’s own natural self defense system. Use visualization techniques, picturing yourself looking how you want to, picture your scale saying the number you want it to, picture yourself sweating bullets as you work out.
    As you go through your day, say an affirmation that works for you over and over and OVER again, and so it shall be. You may be surprised at just how powerful these techniques are! What I use is “At every moment I’m releasing excess waste from my body”, in doing so, I avoid the term “losing weight” because if you tell yourself your losing something the body works harder to keep hold of it. Another one I like to use while working out it “I’m slim trim and strong, oh my!”
    Give it a shot and see how it works for you.

  • Wolfie

    that’s smart. and you’re right. what’s in our biology is a need to survive. a desire to pass on survivable traits. which is why women generally (not always) like the jock. of course, that trait is slowly receeding, as evidenced by the relatively recent movement for “geek love” showing that in today’s world, geeks are more survivable than jocks (usually)

  • Beth Ziemer

    Everyone of you is pretty much insulting Nemoy’s memory right now. The man was brilliant and its an insult to bring weight wars and standards into something where he only intended beauty. Oh wow I’m heavy set too and pregnant after I have my last child I plan on dropping all the weight just like I did in high school and I have a history of diabetes in my family. I’ve known 300 lb. Diabetics to drop all of the weight and I’ve seen stick figure insulin dependent diabetes. All this bitching and wining on nemoys page is ridiculous, just get over yourselves, seriously.

  • Beth Ziemer

    There is such a thing as eating too many veggies it isn’t just sugars and carbs that put on the weight.

  • Sara

    Just saying “fat” is incorrect nomenclature to use. Fat are lipid deposits under the skin. People can be over weight or obese but not fat. With that being said for all of you people that have something negative to say about obese people…those ladies in the pictures aren’t worried about you, and quite frankly you all need to seriously re-evaluate your own lives if someone else’s confidence keeps you up at night.

  • Sharon L Hammer

    I have no interest in joining the fray, but I would like to mention that at least one of the models appears to have a medical condition called lipedema. Lipedema is an abnormality that affects adipose tissue. There is no cure and treatment options are few, particularly here in the states – there is much more medical knowledge of and research for this condition in Europe. Many doctors have never heard of lipedema and will insist that the patient is simply overweight from poor diet and lack of exercise. Lipedema does not respond to weight-loss methods. The abnormal fat formation is most common in the lower body. Not only does this affect the body shape, but it can be very painful and exacerbate or cause another condition called lymphedema.

    Where lipedema increases body size from abnormal fat deposits, lymphedema increases body size due to excess lymph fluid collecting under the skin. Both of these are conditions most frequently afflicting women. (If these were common among males, one might think there would be cures by now.) Neither of these are benign diseases. Unfortunately, many women who have the symptoms of either or both are not properly diagnosed and may feel that she is to ‘blame’ for her large size. The emotional consequences can be as devastating as the physical symptoms. There are treatments for lymphedema, but as with lipedema, no cure. My personal opinion is that the available treatments are absurdly onerous for so little result; however many patients subject themselves to these treatments if they have the wherewithal to do so and do get some relief.

    The next time you see a large woman you might want to consider that she is not simply obese, but that she is afflicted with a disease and that she is not receiving any treatment. As I said, I have no interest in joining the argument here, but I do think that Mary Martinez has been unfairly judged and criticized. I do not think she meant any offense

  • Ayla Xandra Dozier

    These photographs are so inspiring and so beautiful. Those women are brave.

  • Rachel

    This man right here was a gem in the world. Not only for his acting career but for his taste in art. These pieces above are moving and powerful. Being a heavy set women myself, it makes me feel proud that he looked beyond the size of our waists and saw the beauty that each woman holds no matter shape or size. He will be missed greatly, but through him he’s given blooming hope for those who have/had a feeling of shame or upset about their bodies. Anyone that reads this.. whether your tall, small, big, skinny.. Your beautiful never forget that, and guys this goes for you too! your all beautiful and someone out there loves and appreciates you!

  • Tara

    This is just wrong. Being over weight is not healthy and kills people daily. And it’s in America that the most obese people are. Sorry I’m not sorry. I’ve gained weight and then I work hard on being healthy to get the weight off bc I wanna be healthy and have great stamina to keep up with my son.

  • Camara Ibrahim Khalil

    I love so many women who have this form if there are women like that here is my email

  • tictactoe

    You are very beautiful on the inside. And that counts way more.

  • Miriam Coya

    So right you are.

  • twincaster

    i heard about it years ago, and once when he was on Shatners talk show (you can probably google that) he was asked where he came up wtih it. Something about a large model – who was big but very pretty wanted him to take photos of her because there were no photos of that type and it went from there. God love him to see a woman as a human and not a fat person first.

  • Jeremy Jesin
  • UdonNo


  • UdonNo

    I dont care what the artistic goal was– but there are ugly skinny girls and there are ugly fat girls— these are UGLY FAT GIRLS.

  • UdonNo

    the human body was never designed to be like this. Primitive man was very much in shape–men and women ate mostly off the land and did hard labor. that is how humans were built. Once processed food came into play and modern technology made labor easier,,, this is the result. Now we have to make a conscious decision to eat right and work out to look the way we did naturally.

  • UdonNo

    ok–the human body was never designed to be like this. Primitive man was very much in shape–men and women ate mostly off the land and did hard labor. that is how humans were built. Once processed food came into play and modern technology made labor easier,,, this is the result. Now we have to make a conscious decision to eat right and work out to look the way we did naturally.

  • Jackie Walker

    To all of the people who have been discussing how culture through out the times has affected what size men tend to be more attracted….bear in mind, the fluctuation is accurate however, while this is true to some extent, what has NEVER changed throughout time is that regardless of how large or small a woman is, it is the waist to hip ratio that is what determines what a man find attractive because it determines the likelihood of a woman surviving childbirth (evolutionary psychology 101). We tested it in a college class, with three pictures of a famous model whose proportions had been altered to showcase each of the percentages (can’t remember what they were)….vast majority of the men found the middle percentage most attractive, the one that leads to the higher fertility rates. You could be 300 pounds or 100 pounds and this rule will still apply. It’s all about the ratio….not the weight. I’ve been trying to lose my pregnancy weight (currently 125 back to 110) and have been questioned by men assuming my husband must like me better this way….truth is my husband liked when I weigh 167 after giving birth, the 135 I was last year, the 125 I am now and will still love me the 110 I plan on going back to. I didn’t love myself at all of those stages and if I had, maybe the sex would have been as great for me as it always was for him. At the end of the day, that is what is most important, you love yourself and you are with someone who loves you.

  • Serena Simi

    I am educated well enough, believe me. Evaluating current standards with long dead traditions is a logical fallacy. It is a nice reference to a bygone era, but has absolutely no relevance in a society, RIGHT NOW, where obesity is far more indicative of a horrid American poverty diet and NOT wealth. Wake up.

  • Serena Simi

    Furthermore, diety statues were art objects- and should in no way promote or endorse a healthy ideal. If they could’ve included a warning label to that effect, they would. Gaia is the earth, round and fertile…the statues a nod to the rotund bounty of nature..they weren’t a human standard model.

    Read. I am far, and feel beautiful,but none of your citations support the thesis that fat is healthy.

  • Serena Simi

    You need meds. And if you had any self-control at all, you wouldn’t be so defensively invested in your day trolling.

    So is that, but I don’t expect you to fully absorb it. Small minded, classless female.

  • Mike James Guerard

    I for one think these women are gorgeous!

  • Mariana

    I do not quite agree with your statement that “fat women were the reason you exist.” Voluptuous women were considered with higher childbearing abilities; not fat women. I am not sure what size level you mean by “fat”; but as we are commenting under an article portraying 200 lbs and up females, I would assume that by fat you mean overweighted and not voluptuous. It is only lately that females and males as well have put on so much weight that it would be seen “over” weight. Statistics from 50 years ago, 100 years or 200 years ago show that females with curves or extra meat were frequent, not obese. It has only been a couple of decades since obesity has been denoted in several societies with an overproduction of food.
    So, I don’t mean no disrespect. Us females, are all sisters from different mothers anyways. We have to help each other out and essentially protect each other. That’s why I have to shed some light over the correct meaning around the myth about curvy women and their “ability” to give birth to healthy babies. Obesity could lead to complications during child delivery or even after. Curvy women look so much better and healthier than barbie size females; but extra fat will only clog up one’s arteries and make life a bit harder.

  • Dale Mulkey

    It is a sad thing when someone takes a comment and twists it to fit their sad agenda . I don’t care that your fat or not what is sad is that your intelligence level is so low you have to force people to see hate where there is none. In that sines yes you are being a bully. I would suggest you get an education some intelligence and learn to read and understand the English language. You may be “beautiful” on the outside but your ugly and hate filled on the inside.

  • joselle53

    they would be appreciated in Mauritania

  • Heather

    Sorry, but this is disgusting. No, I’m not a skinny minnie, and I’ll admit I am nowhere near as heavy as these women either. That said, I cover up my flab because it’s unattractive and no one wants to see it, including myself. There is nothing to be proud of about being as large as those women are. They are unhealthy to the extreme, clearly make bad choices as far as diet and exercise, and are an absolutely horrible example for any children they might have. I agree with another comment asking why rules about nudity don’t apply to fat women… if these pictures were of slim fit women, it would be considered pornography.

  • dave

    the problem isnt away solved with good diet and exercise. look at the documentary “Fed Up”. it states that there are over 60000 products in a grocery store and 80% of them contain sugar of some kind. thats what needs to stop did you know that the average american is only supposed to have 25 grams of sugar a day. havnt you ever wondered why they dont put the % on sugar when its on the recommended daily allowance? when you look at how much you are getting it ends up being over 60. it starts in the schools and getting fast food out of there companies like scwanns and changing the way people eat that way. other wise its a losing battle, and just because it says its a juice box doesnt mean its good for you juice boxes have more sugar in them that a 20oz coke 24 grams actually. 40%of the population is obese and of the remaining 60% 30% is overweight. it ends up being 51% of the population is going to be sick, overweight, or obese. look here.

    its not always do more exercise its more about sugar intake than anything. the fast food industry has their hands in everything. especially ins. companies

    here is a little info on advertizing

    and in schools

  • Mike Bowman

    The problem is solved with eating healthy and exercising. You mentioned 80% of food contains sugar. Ok that leaves 20% with no sugar. I don’t see a problem. Shop on the outside aisles of the grocery store and you will be fine. Most of that 80% isn’t “real” food anyways. Before you bash me for saying look up the definition of food. Is it tough? Yes! Is it impossible? No. Obese people are obviously skipping the outside aisles or claim to eat healthy but aren’t. Ex. Get a combo meal at McDonald’s with a dit Coke. I’m sorry this is doing nothing. Diet Coke is actually worse because it contains chemical sugar. I’m about to go on an adventure to prove this point about exercise and a healthy diet. I’ve been pushing my weight up and will video my progress getting back in shape. I know stupid but people need to see facts not read facts.

  • dave

    i wasn’t bashing you im just saying that exercise isn’t the answer all of the time. you’re wrong, i take meds i eat health not tons of sugar i am fortunate enough that we can afford to make everything from scratch (because any processed food is bad for you all of it) i have a very high demanding outside job. i am off and on semi trailers at the very least 10 times a day i carry 5 gallon jugs most of the day and i am constantly lifting more than 30 lbs over my head all day long. in the winter its moving things from one place to another with a pallet jack no fork lift. because of the meds i take i am overweight by about 100 lbs. i dont eat candy at all i drink may 2 pops a week (cans not bottles), i take water pills and i am just worn out when i get home. ive had guys that lift (for competition) that couldnt do my work week. dont tell me about exercise and sugar and what is and isnt good for you.

  • Mike Bowman

    Hey I fell you. I’m reaching 40 years old. The lbs don’t come off like they used to. I’m no professional and never claimed to be. Just stating that the age old truck that benefits MOST people is a healthy diet of no processed food and exercise. Insanity program is an intense exercise program. Even people who claimed they were big their whole life magically got in shape using this program. It’s about 40-60 minutes a day for 6 days. You do this for 67 days. Now….I love my cookies and I love Cherry Coke. Those 2 things along will destroy any workout. I just see most people make excuses. And not you being one just people in general

  • ????????? ?????????

    the point is to free your self from stereotypes..the common oppinion is mostly under mediocricy

  • Aisha
  • Aisha
  • duneduder

    It’s a good reminder Mr. Nimoy left us far more than a legendary screen star. Vision, courage, inspiration; beautifully done.

  • Jack Martin

    Maybe a different perspective than expressed by others in here…. to me, the question of “sexy” will indeed come down to the eyes of the beholder. But when a woman (or a man) is carrying so much extra fat that you can’t see their genitals when they are stark naked, they are simply unhealthy.

  • Mike Drew

    Okay…I have a very open mind

  • Louanne

    Leonard Nimoy was quite accomplished. May his memory be a blessing. Thank you for posting this. They are beautiful photos, but any way one spins it, it’s still unhealthy to be so overweight. Speaking of “any way,” with all due respect to Mr. Gibson, the word isn’t “anyways.” It’s “anyway.” Somehow “anyways” has crept into the lexicon.

  • Why_not_think

    I realize I am only a man, but I would like to offer this as what I feel “healthy” should be, regardless of weight. If you can walk up a couple of flights of stairs, then walk down them and climb them again, without being winded or have your heart rate rise noticeably. You can play with your children/grandchildren/pets outside for 30 minutes without falling down. You can do 5 push ups and 10 body weight squats without stopping. You can do a plank for a minute. If you can do these, you are fairly healthy. Personally, I prefer the look of women that are gym rats and lift weights. Now, before anyone goes off on this, would you care about Magic Mike if he was a 300 pound man who can’t look down and see his toes?

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  • Else Laudan

    Hey folks,
    don’t you see the serenity in these pictures? Try it. You do not even need weight to be lifted by it.