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Marlon Sassy puts the rap game on post-its

Gangster Doodles

In my humble, Marlon Sassy and his passion project known as Gangster Doodles is nothing short of brilliant. Brilliant in the same way Bun B and Shea Serrano’s Rap Coloring Book is brilliant. It’s just a cool idea. Yet where Bun and Shea urge readers to fill in the color of their illustrations, in Gangster Doodles, Marlon brings the colors out, using sharpies and cheap highlighters to create his work. Even better is his medium, choosing to use his beloved 3×3 post-it notes as his canvas.

Having released his first book courtesy of Valley Cruise Press, it seems as though Marlon’s once small project has really taken legs. More from Marlon very soon, but for the time being snack on a small selection of his work, and peep his full collection at Gangster Doodles.










For more work from Marlon, visit his personal tumblr at Gangster Doodles

Max Gibson

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