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Some feelings about rape and "femdom erotica"

Namio Harukawa

First of all, fuck rape. I feel like rape cases have been getting a lot of press lately. So fuck the controversy but seriously, fuck the concept. Fuck the fact that somewhere down the line, man realized that they could physically dominate and sexually force themselves upon their own kind. Fuck the systems in play, be they familial or otherwise, that don’t have the mechanisms or strategies to teach our young men to respect others, or young women to respect themselves. Fuck power-tripping neighbors, uncles, and teachers. Fuck that all my friends have to carry pepper spray. Fuck creepers at the gym. Fuck it all. And fuck that I can’t do anything about it. But, fortunately, because I’m so damn self realized, and don’t just stick my dick into any passed out shit at a frat party because I feel insecure, I take this anger and use it productively. I use it to feel proud of being a woman. I use it to love women, love sex, and love myself, fervently and as best I can.

Now, I don’t know if that’s what Namio Harukawa has in mind when he creates his pieces, but that’s how they make me feel. The Japanese “femdom erotica” artist is best known for his drawings of thick ass women dominating the fuck out of small ass dudes. Harukawa’s images feature consensual sexual acts in which he typically depicts large women sitting on the faces of their petite male counterparts, looking incredibly indifferent. Though Harukawa illustrates women of all races, his subjects are predominantly Asian as represented through their facial features and physical props. And I don’t know if this is his intention either, but I love the fact that Harukawa is seriously flipping the female Asian stereotype on its head here. Where Asian women, too often unfairly and grossly characterized by small frames and a docile nature, are devouring dudes with their massive cakes. Harukawa’s work depicts men in submissive roles as subjects of dominatrix play, and therefore I don’t find that the pieces evoke a sentiment of rape. And I also don’t feel that the injustices of the world would be righted if things were just reversed. Simply put, seeing an image of a huge woman getting her ass ate with the utmost devotion while she apathetically smokes a cigarette just soothes my angry heart. Maybe you’ll disagree. Take a look.

Namio Harukawa

Namio Harukawa

Namio Harukawa

Namio Harukawa

Namio Harukawa

Danielle Schnur

Danielle is a woman and a girl. A self-proclaimed "Bay Area enthusiast", Danielle spends her time eating sandwiches at the lake, defending Hyphy music, and complaining about gentrification. While technically a graduate student and fervent fighter for radical social change, Danielle is perhaps better known for her paintings of extremely thick women.
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  • Dulce

    I’m not sure what a young woman’s respect for herself has to do with her being sexually assaulted.

    Anyway- Thanks for bringing Namio Harukawa in to my life.

  • http://minabee.wordpress.com Aminah Cherry

    This article and this work is amazing. It takes a good amount of us liberated women’s thoughts and throws them in your face…quite literally in these art pieces.

  • http://ecutz.tumblr.com Elyse

    “Passed out shit…” Geez.

  • jahnvi

    I respect namio harukawa a lot n believe dat femdom is d only way whr stability comes in a relationship