Enter the Void with Nighted Life 9 Our favorite photography zine collective takes a conceptual deep dive into death for their latest collection

 NIGHTED Life 9 – Collage

Print ain’t dead, but a lot of people sure are. Remember that Louie joke about how almost everybody that ever was is dead? Death is real, it’s scary, it hurts, it’s inevitable. Not something to be taken lightly, but it happens every day, B.

The zine wizards and photo folks at Nighted have always thrived on dark humor, and maybe even a healthy appetite for morbidity. But Nighted Life 9, their latest anthology, goes one step further by establishing death as its primary theme.

For the project, eight photographers offer up work, and reflect briefly on the same three questions. What’s the closest you’ve ever come to dying? What do you want done with your body when you die? Which death has had the biggest impact on your life and why? You know, just light, boilerplate interview type stuff.

Seriously though, always cool to get some perspective and reflect on what we’re doing here. Shouts to Nick and NL9 for giving us the opportunity. Spreads below, real and tangible object made of paper here.

NIGHTED Life 9 - Julia Rinaldi Spread 2
NIGHTED Life 9 - Graham Meyer Spread 3
NIGHTED Life 9 - Siggy Bodolai Spread
NIGHTED Life 9 - Graham Meyer Spread
NIGHTED Life 9 - Kris Kirk Spread 2

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