Revisiting the glory days of the '70s and '80s with Brad Elterman's latest collection

Brad Elterman Dog Dance

Capturing the moments ain’t easy. Capturing candids doesn’t come any easier, especially when considering the subject. In Brad Elterman’s case, John Lennon, Michael Jackson and David Bowie only begin to scratch the surface. In his latest photobook, entitled Brad Elterman“>Dog Dance, Brad offers up the spoils won through decades of snapping on instinct. Designed by the refreshingly irreverent Sandy Kim, Dog Dance casts the icons of yesterday in a series of candid, intimate moments. Taking us back to the shows, parties and extravaganzas that characterized the times, Brad’s photographs are an endearing look into a classic era.

Max Gibson

Max Gibson aka Dispo Max is a journalist, web curator and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Wine & Bowties, an Oakland-based art and culture publication with the focus of celebrating creativity. Today Max resides in Oakland after living in LA. Max loves hoop, dispos and good jokes.